1. Panchuflenks

    Worklog My first GCp

    well.. I decided to to this worklog to show my first gamecube portable :F In the begining I saw a lot of portables and i was really impressed with some of them but the're none that like me at all. I though.. "how can I make one different?" then, my light turns on and the 3ds xl appears in...
  2. chubylord

    Question Attaching Parts

    So I've been working on this casing for my Gamecube Portbale and have the 3D design divided into two parts -- a top, and a bottom. The case is incomplete at the moment, and the project is as well due to me being in school, but I was wondering how people like to link each part together. Here are...
  3. chubylord

    Question Batteries for Portable

    I have been using these batteries for my portable. I also have been using this PCM. Could I just swap the batteries out for these ones to save space, or would I need a new PCM and charger and all? Thanks!
  4. Noah

    Worklog Noah's GCP

    Unnamed for now. I'll do that later, or leave suggestions. :P After finishing the LCube, I wanted to do something much, much smaller than that beast, I just didn't have the time until now. Whoops sideways pic Also, for anyone wondering the controls are epoxied in and then bondo is used...