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UltraWii Sakura: A Thing of Utter Beauty - by YveltalGriffin

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The UltraWii: A compact, beautiful, sakura pink custom engineering marvel designed by YveltalGriffin. April 2021.
Article: By StonedEdge

YveltalGriffin has been around the forums for a few years now and has recently completed his marvel of a Wii portable - dubbed the "UltraWii Sakura" after making several marked improvements on his previous version. Arguably one of the smallest portables we have seen in recent times, the UltraWii Sakura packs all of the great features you would expect to see in any modern Wii portable. With 4 18650 lithium ion batteries to boot, it provides the customized Wii portable with over 4 hours of ultimate gaming fun on the go that can fit in your back pocket. It's not just the outsides that we're impressed with - of course, this portable is a work of art to say the least - in all areas of...

BitBuilt 2020: A Year in Review

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BitBuilt 2020
The Yearly Recap
The year that now was. 2020 was full of surprises for everyone, with the global pandemic of COVID-19 impacting our lives in unprecedented ways. MGC 2020, originally scheduled for April this year was cancelled last minute and unfortunately, a lot of BitBuilt members' projects were not able to be showcased at the exhibition.

Luckily, we have the internet, and instead of MGC, the BitBuilt staff thought it would take the opportunity to showcase some of the great projects that were put together by our members. Let us be honest here. 2020 was a year that we hope we don't have to go through again. Despite the fact, 2020 brought with it a lot of opportunity for portablizers to capitalize on the work from home schedules and showcase their true talents. Time was now on our side, and it sure did show through. We had a huge number of...

Project Spotlight: Switch Lite Raspberry Pi Portable by Dmcke5

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It is not often here on the BitBuilt forums that we like to hear the word “emulation” being used to describe fully portable gaming consoles. However, we thought we could make an exception for the opportunity to display the incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail by Dmcke5 in his latest project – the Switch Lite Raspberry Pi portable.

Dmcke5 joined the BitBuilt forums in late February of 2020. The way in which portable cases have been printed has transformed over the years in the modding scene, with the meta continuing to be challenged on a regular basis. 10 years ago, portable cases were frankencased out of whatever spare parts you had lying around in your garage. This was obviously very time consuming, messy and required a lot more precise measurements to cut holes and add features entirely by hand. Vacuum forming also came along as a popular alternative to mold thermal plastics...

Project Spotlight: The N64 SP – Gman does it again

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Although the Midwest Gaming Classic for this year was unfortunately cancelled due to COVID-19, it didn't stop veteran portablizer Gman from unveiling to the world his brand new perspective on N64 portables. N64 portables have been made since the dawn of time, but in comparison to Wii trimming, N64 motherboards have always been limited in the amount that could be trimmed off. This resulted in much bulkier builds than their Wii counterparts. That is, until now. The modding community has forever been in doubt as to whether or not the PIF IC (responsible for various interfacing functions with controller/data security chips) could be successfully relocated. As it turns out, it is indeed possible! Enter the new age of N64 portables...

Project Spotlight: N64 Minii by robertlong13

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Robertlong13 demonstrates his CAD prowess with his latest project: The N64 Minii. Nintendo might not be delivering us an N64 Classic Edition, but that didn’t stop robertlong13 from taking it in his own hands.

The sleek, tiny, and curvy console looks like a 1:1 scaled down N64 console but with an upgraded way to play games using a trimmed down Wii motherboard. Powered by the Wii, he can play his favorite 21 N64 games on the Virtual Console and obviously remain compatible with GC and Wii games.

The N64 Minii also features beautifully done wiring and a custom power regulator board that he made opensource...

The PS2 Razer – Don’t Slice Yourself On This Cutting Edge Tech

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Gman just keeps getting better and better. For this year’s contest, Gman entered the wonderful world of clamshell design. The only thing that rivals its beauty is its features, so let’s get into it!


Gman used a handful of custom PCBs last year, but this year he went all out. Just about everything that could be mounted on a custom board is, and the controller is no exception. The above board’s primary feature is a custom PS2 controller emulator dubbed “PS2+”. Designed from the ground up by Gman, along with Matthew and Dave, PS2+ is still in development right now. Once finalized, it will change PS2 portablizing as we know it. This board also features controls for screen settings through the PS2 controller, an audio amp that switches between the built in speakers and headphone seamlessly, indicators for the current battery life, as well as FFC connectors that go to Nintendo Switch joysticks.


You’ve Got a Friend In Nold’s WooDii – 3rd Place in the 2018 Contest

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Nold joined the forums last year and started off by posting a beautiful, tiny portable GameCube he’d made. From there, he tackled the N64 and built a sweet N64 portable. After that, he moved onto the Dreamcast and put more effort into trimming and portablizing the Dreamcast than anyone before him. What was left for Nold? The Nintendo Wii of course, and Nold wasn’t willing to stick with the basics, no sir! Nold decided that he wanted to start out by seeing how far he could trim the Wii motherboard down. Now, this is something we see a lot. Somebody with no electronics experience will come along, try to perform some crazy untested trim, fail, become discouraged, and leave. It’s a perfect formula with a single exception: Nold. Nold paced himself and started with the OMGWTF trim, hopped on a NAND bend, then reloacted the entire NAND without a breakout board, and then decided to go all out with the OMEGA...

The G-Wii: A Side Portable From Gman With a Side of Sexy

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The PS2 has been seeing a lot of love from Gman for the past couple years, driving his many Wiis to sadness by their seemingly second class treatment. With Gman no longer transforming the beat up, second hand consoles into glorious portables, did their existence have any meaning? All hope seemed lost when the PS2 Razor was released in its stunning clamshell glory (article coming soon), but then suddenly Gman pushed out another beautiful Wii portable. The case is based on Gman’s contest winning GS2 and has been revamped to fit a GameCube layout and the internals of a Wii portable. To put it clearly, the G-Wii is an elegant portable that retains the simplicity of portables past.


This portable boasts several features that makes it stand out among other portables. All of the controls on the front face are from an original GameCube controller, including the two joysticks; this feature has become increasingly...

The Wii SP 2.0 – JacksonS’ Latest Masterpiece

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After finding success in last year’s summer building contest, Jackson clearly followed the time tested motto of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. Jackson kept his portable looking mostly the same, but an in depth look into the features in this portable reveal the drastic upgrade that it truly is.

Jackson certainly earned his 3rd place in the contest.


The bottom part of the portable holds a headphone jack and video controls.


The top part holds a lot. Here’s a list (from left to right):

  • 3D printed triggers
  • A button to toggle between three different controller options. This portable contains the necessary circuitry for a GameCube controller, a sideways remote (with motion controls!), and a Wii classic controller. The three diffusers next to the button each have an LED behind them, and the LEDs are used to indicate which controller is currently in use...

Madmorda’s Wii S Lite: Second Place in the Contest, First Place Among Clamshells

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Madmorda initially closed up this beauty of a project last July, just days before the contest ended. However, after closing it up, she wasn’t totally satisfied with the end result. Everyone else hailed it as a beautiful revolution, but Madmorda was just kinda Sadmorda with the end result. And then her Wii motherboard went on the fritz and she was really MADmorda. After several months of revamping, repainting, and refinishing her portable, the Wii S Lite is finally complete and ready to display to the public.


Don’t like it? Well, there’s The Thousand Year Door; you can see yourself out.


This portable boasts a variety of nifty features for everyone to envy.

  • Clamshell design
  • 5 inch composite screen
  • Breakout box which contains component video out and three GameCube controller ports
  • Micro USB charging via a portable...