1. paddle0

    Release 2 DK Bongos → 1 rad Dance Pad

    This was fun… I used JonnyHaystack/joybus-pio to build a Dance Pad-like controller out of two DK Bongos. Rest assured: no DK Bongos were harmed in the making of this project! Both plug directly into ports in a bender box. They are hosted by a Raspberry Pi Pico, which converts their signals into...
  2. paddle0

    Question DK Bongos Identification Mystery

    Happy Holidays! Donkey Konga graphically represents whether you have DK Bongos or a GameCube controller attached, and varies its menu control scheme accordingly. Given that DK Bongos and the GameCube controller both provide the same device ID (0x0900) to the console, does anyone have any idea...
  3. Wesk

    Model Gamecube Hori Pad Scan

    Gamecube Hori Pad Scan Contains: Gamecube Hori Pad Front Gamecube Hori Pad Back Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about 2,500,000 triangles. NOTE: 3D scans aren't perfect, if light cannot hit certain parts of the object then the scan will contain 'Blobs'...
  4. Darmandude

    Worklog My GameCube controller mod

    I want to make a wireless GameCube controller that will still work on game cube this project was inspired by rRDNoob26 there are a few differences i am using a 3rd part controller one thing is that there will be no rumble and it will take a while like the rest of my projects.
  5. juankamq

    Worklog My attempt at making a gamecube portable

    I know, I know. A wii is better and all that... I have about 3 gamecubes with a broken laser, 1 dol 001 and 2 101. I built a really really bad gamecube portable back in 2011 I think, when the modretro forums were still alive and it came so crappy that I didn't forget it. Anyways here I am 12...
  6. Wesk

    GC Nano - The Worlds Smallest Gamecube

    GC Nano - The Worlds Smallest Gamecube A CrazyGadget and Wesk collaboration project 4K, fullscreen and headphones plzkthx The back story: After presenting the idea of a GC Nano to the community back in early 2021 there was one man *crazy* enough to take up the challenge of the...
  7. Okiguess

    New idea: pre trimmed wii.

    Do you remember when gman made a custom n64 motherboard that ran almost the exact same way (so that it wasn't emulation)? My idea: do the same but for the wii. We could make it the same size and stuff, so that it works with pre-designed builds. Give me feedback pls!
  8. Wesk

    Release GameCube AIO (Internal GBA player)

    Yet another off the cuff mod of mine that spawned from boredom. What is it?: A GameCube with the GBA player built-in. What does it do?: Plays GB/GBC/GBA games without the need for the GBA Player tumour attached to the GC. Why?: Just to see if I could. I compared the layouts of...
  9. LambBrainz

    Worklog Stiim Deck

    Hello all! Wanted to show off a neat project I'm working on as well as release some files in case anyone wanted to make their own. Long story short, I love the form factor of Valve's Steam Deck and wanted to make a portable Wii utilizing the shell. This will give me a huge screen, a great...
  10. Okiguess

    Question direct power

    Hello, i was wondering if you could power the entire wii motherboard dierctly (without trimming) to see if it works. do i solder wires to the place were the input is or where you solder the batteriest after trimming. Please help!
  11. Discussion WiiBoy Player Concept

    Hello all, I had this concept in my head for a while and finally found a good tech-savvy community to bounce ideas/questions off of. The Wii essentially has an an entire Gamecube inside of it, and with the controller and memory ports, it can do ALMOST anything a Gamecube can. Except use of the...
  12. emberwolf

    Question DVD drive extension cables?

    Hello. I'm working on designing my case for my GCp project. I'd like to slightly relocate the disc drive but I'll have to extend the ribbon cables. I recall seeing someone doing it years ago on either a mod retro or benheck post. I found ribbon extenders for the white 10 pin, but I can't find...
  13. emberwolf

    Worklog GameCube portable in Year of our lord 2023

    Greetings all. I have come to share with you all a GameCube portable in Year of our lord 2023. Why? Well a couple reasons. First is I started and never finished a portable about 5-6 years ago that I'll be cannibalizing as a start point. The second major reason is that this is a present for a...
  14. PoposPizza

    Question Having trouble connecting wavebird to switch with off brand adapter

    I bought a wavebird a while back so I could compete in my schools super smash bros team, and I am just now trying to set it up on the switch… the wired controllers work fine on my adapter but the wavebird isn’t. Any tips?
  15. Skedaddlez

    Worklog GCShuffle

    Hey all, I've been gone a while and was only here very briefly. Life got busy and my previous project (a Wii portable) was put on hold until I am inspired. My current project may interest many of you though! I call it GCShuffle, a fun little board that is capable of mixing up Gamecube...
  16. Release Gamecube Controller protocol timing information detailed

    Wanted to share my findings; cheers. Salea logic captures included as attachments. Console sends out signals at 200kHz, Controller responds at 250kHz. Data sent from original console - Side Bit Times Real Gamecube (exact) LOW - 3.875us low, 1.125us high HIGH - 1.375 low, 3.583 high STOP -...
  17. Frogfreak

    Question Where do i solder on GC motherboard?

    I'm sure these questions have been answered many times before. but i'm planning on making a handheld Gamecube, so obviously i need to solder some extras onto the motherboard. So i was wondering, what and where do i need to solder for connecting a Battery, and a screen (specifically a Wii-u...
  18. Question Pluto IIX GCvideo help needed

    If anyone has any advice or tips that’d be great as I’ve come to a dead end. Bought the Pluto IIX #6117 pre installed with GCvideo 3.0e and have been trying to install it for a couple weeks now but can’t get any signal. I have tried two different setups so far and have not gotten promising...
  19. PoposPizza

    lol i got bored so i modded a gc controller to be more pointless than it original intent

    so i got bored one day, I melted a hole into a GC controller shell, drilled holes on the grips, and stuck a Wii fan into it, and now IDK what it does but I hope it prevents sweaty hands!
  20. Wesk

    Model Gamecube Console Scan

    Gamecube Console Scan Contains: Gamecube Shell Lid Gamecube Shell Top Gamecube Shell Bottom Gamecube Power, reset and eject buttons Gamecube Shell Controller front plate Gamecube Shell AV back plate Gamecube Shell Handle Gamecube Lid jewel Gamecube LED light guide Gamecube Serial and BBA...