1. emberwolf

    Question DVD drive extension cables?

    Hello. I'm working on designing my case for my GCp project. I'd like to slightly relocate the disc drive but I'll have to extend the ribbon cables. I recall seeing someone doing it years ago on either a mod retro or benheck post. I found ribbon extenders for the white 10 pin, but I can't find...
  2. emberwolf

    Worklog GameCube portable in Year of our lord 2023

    Greetings all. I have come to share with you all a GameCube portable in Year of our lord 2023. Why? Well a couple reasons. First is I started and never finished a portable about 5-6 years ago that I'll be cannibalizing as a start point. The second major reason is that this is a present for a...
  3. PoposPizza

    Question Having trouble connecting wavebird to switch with off brand adapter

    I bought a wavebird a while back so I could compete in my schools super smash bros team, and I am just now trying to set it up on the switch… the wired controllers work fine on my adapter but the wavebird isn’t. Any tips?
  4. Skedaddlez

    Worklog GCShuffle

    Hey all, I've been gone a while and was only here very briefly. Life got busy and my previous project (a Wii portable) was put on hold until I am inspired. My current project may interest many of you though! I call it GCShuffle, a fun little board that is capable of mixing up Gamecube...
  5. Release Gamecube Controller protocol timing information detailed

    Wanted to share my findings; cheers. Salea logic captures included as attachments. Console sends out signals at 200kHz, Controller responds at 250kHz. Data sent from original console - Side Bit Times Real Gamecube (exact) LOW - 3.875us low, 1.125us high HIGH - 1.375 low, 3.583 high STOP -...
  6. Frogfreak

    Question Where do i solder on GC motherboard?

    I'm sure these questions have been answered many times before. but i'm planning on making a handheld Gamecube, so obviously i need to solder some extras onto the motherboard. So i was wondering, what and where do i need to solder for connecting a Battery, and a screen (specifically a Wii-u...
  7. Question Pluto IIX GCvideo help needed

    If anyone has any advice or tips that’d be great as I’ve come to a dead end. Bought the Pluto IIX #6117 pre installed with GCvideo 3.0e and have been trying to install it for a couple weeks now but can’t get any signal. I have tried two different setups so far and have not gotten promising...
  8. PoposPizza

    lol i got bored so i modded a gc controller to be more pointless than it original intent

    so i got bored one day, I melted a hole into a GC controller shell, drilled holes on the grips, and stuck a Wii fan into it, and now IDK what it does but I hope it prevents sweaty hands!
  9. Wesk

    Model Gamecube Console Scan

    Gamecube Console Scan Contains: Gamecube Shell Lid Gamecube Shell Top Gamecube Shell Bottom Gamecube Power, reset and eject buttons Gamecube Shell Controller front plate Gamecube Shell AV back plate Gamecube Shell Handle Gamecube Lid jewel Gamecube LED light guide Gamecube Serial and BBA...
  10. Bakuku

    Custom Gamecube Memorycards (Gore!)

    Whats up everybody, Long time no post. I’ve been commissioned recently to create two Gamecube memorycards in the same style as the Resident Evil 4 Chainsaw Controller (the awkward collectors item). I have to say I’m really glad how they turned up. It was also my first Airbrush commission...
  11. Wesk

    Model Gamecube Wavebird Controller Scan

    Wavebird Controller Scan Contains: Wavebird Controller Front Wavebird Controller Back w/o battery cover Wavebird Controller Back with battery cover Wavebird Controller Battery Cover Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about...
  12. noycebru

    Worklog Custom gamecube tops

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I'm in the process of designing new gamecube tops and I wanted to share what I've created so far. I was also wondering if you had any fun ideas, or if anyone has made anything similar? My inspiration to make these was the original xbox concept case that...
  13. Wesk

    GC Micro

    I totally forgot that I had to post this..... Features: - 4 controller ports with rumble (With adapter) - Auto switching AV port depending on cable - Nothing else really, it's just a really tiny GameCube Worklog here (With Nudez)...
  14. Wesk

    Model GC Micro STL's

    BOM: It's pretty straight forward - - 4 Layer Wii - Red board USB A x2 - RVL-PSU x 1 - NAND Flex x1 - PTH or any other regulator for 1.8v - Gamecube controller extension lead x4 (for adapter) - A latching power switch (There's a bit of room to use whatever you can fit) - A 35x35x10 fan and...
  15. Wesk

    Model Gamecube OEM Controller Scan

    I know you've been waiting for this Gamecube OEM controller 3D scan data. Contains: GC Controller Front GC Controller Back Specs: Included are the raw and re-meshed versions of the original scans, the re-meshed versions contain a lower poly count to be easier to work with but are...
  16. Question Gamecube controller protocol

    So I got my DIY GameCube controller emulator to output a 1 and a 0. I can also receive stuff. I read that the console sends 000000001 to look for the controller. What should i send back to tell the console that I am there?
  17. Nold

    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    Hi folks, today i'm happy to finally present to you my Wii Micro aka "Miicro" Project! About this project The goal of this project was to use as less additional components as possible and make most of them 3d printable. Also it recycles a lot of the Wii's mainboard and used the stock...
  18. DartWolf

    Question Pluto-IIx HDMI chip gamecube install documetation?

    Recently I acquired a gamecube and various components to mod it with. The Xeno chip is very straightforward, and the SD2SP2 mod chip plugs right in. I am having some difficulty finding install documentation on the Pluto-IIx HDMI soldering points. I already have GC-Video in the modchip, so I...
  19. Want to buy Wii Portable

    Hello all, I've been interested in buying a Wii portable for quite awhile and I have the funds now to buy one. I looking to purchase one from the price range of $500-$750. I don't have any crazy requests but I do want the Mx chip relocated on the Wii motherboard just so I can play Animal...
  20. vikMKW

    Question Gamecube Port PCB

    Background I'd like to make a PCB for the gamecube ports. Measured the pin pitch and connector spacing as best I could. I believe I got within an acceptable margin. Printing the layout onto paper before manufacturing the PCB saves time and money! I've attached a PDF file with my dimensions for...