1. Bungiecord

    U10 chip for wii

    So I finished up wiring the bluetooth and wifi to my MOBO but I broke the u10 chip trying to remove it. If anyone has one that you are willing to sell please PM me.
  2. Question Help! New into WiiPortable

    I would like to know the basis or some links to tutirials i want to build a wii laptop what do i need to buy?
  3. BocuD

    Question PortablizeMii video black and white, nintendon't messed up colours

    The screen of my portable only gives weird colours or black and white, instead of what it is supposed to be. Can anyone help me with this? I'm using a RVL-CPU-030 (not trimmed of course) and a composite video cable because i can't really see the difference anyway on a 7" screen. The resolution...
  4. BocuD

    Question PortablizeMii black screen on booting games

    I have been working on a portable for about 2 weeks now, and up until now i always used a normal softmod and usb loader. But now that i got to the part of removing the disk board i installed PortablizeMii and when booting any game (Wii or Gamecube) it just gives me a black screen and no audio...
  5. Naimlessone

    Worklog Naimlessones PWii

    Getting started on my first Wii Portable. No pics yet but will try and keep this log fully illustrated as I crash through my first attempt at this. My last two attempts at a GCp crashed and burned and are in cardboard coffins right now and I don't want to let that happen to this. Anyways...
  6. kjc35

    Worklog Yet to be named Wii Laptop (1/2 Worklog?)

    Hey guys just wanted to give a preview of my Wii Laptop before the last wires are soldered and the last screws are screwed. Specs: -Dell 15.4" 1280x800 (monitor I had laying around) -5200mah 4S battery -Untrimmed Wii with USB Loader GX (Would like to use PortablizeMii but don't know if it...
  7. Manestricker

    Solved What is the best way to charge battery's?

    I am referring to the circuit inside of the portable and how can you add a battery life indicator to tell if the battery is charged or dead? SOLVED:
  8. YveltalGriffin

    Worklog OceanGCp

    I have begun work on my first "polished" GameCube portable. Previously, I have made some rudimentary portable consoles, but this will be my first attempt to make a higher-quality, durable, and most of all usable portable console. Because of the accomplishments of the "Wiisearch and Development"...
  9. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB keyboards - Great for portables

    Had a few of these laying around. They've been tested to work with several computers, and even my Wii. If anyone wanted to include a keyboard in their next portable, or maybe just have a pocket-sized one to keep with your handheld, these are your best bet. http://www.ebay.com/itm/142076923909
  10. Noinfogiven

    joining plastics together/filling holes?

    I am making a wii laptop with the original wii case and i am looking to cover up the GC controller holes and the memory port in the case. I am thinking of cutting little plastic circles to put in, but i do not know what product to use to join them. i was looking at plastic putty, but i honestly...
  11. Fruity_Grebbles

    Worklog Wii Touchscreen

    Howdy Y'all. Been lurking around the community since the beginning of modretro, but what with the return of ShockSlayer and the OMGWTF trim I figured it was actually time for me to make some stuff. So here's my idea: Wii portables work great for games that will take button or joystick input...
  12. CommanderBrace

    wii mote piggyback?

    Hi guys, so I saw on some early posts that the Wii uses regulators to cut down the 12v source into a variety of different voltages for the internal components. One of these was 3.3v and that seems like it would be enough to operate a wii mote. Does anyone have any evidence suggesting that it...
  13. Question Screen for wii laptop?

    I have a old dell latitude d630 that has a working screen and a good battery. Is there any way that i can use the screen from it on my wii laptop. If so i can i also use the battery if not what would be a good battery for a wii laptop. Thank you
  14. trevor403

    Worklog radicalplants' Unnamed Wii Portable

    radicalplants' Unnamed Wii Portable This portable is going to built off a modular pin header system that will allow multiple different interfaces to be used with the same module which will consist of the main Wii board only. It shouldn't take more than a VGA 20 pin header to achieve...
  15. BitBuiltBot

    The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide

    The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide Preface Before proceeding further, you must first determine your board revision. Please use the Revision Identification Guide. This guide is primarily designed to be used with CPU-40 boards and higher. If your Wii is a 6-layer board, you will require the...
  16. ShockSlayer

    Board scan Wii RVK-01 Compendium (Released!)

    ...a massive undertaking using modern technology to bring forth a new era of portablizing. - Wii RVK-01 Compendium.pdn']Download - Full size Paint.net Download - Resized Paint.net - Wii RVK-01 Compendium.xcf']Download - Full size GIMP Download - Resized GIMP Get Paint.NET Get GIMP The basic...