1. tealflip

    Question A "Revolution"ary idea (not really) + some questions I need answered.

    The Fliptendo is finally finished. That project took a lot out of me. So, that asks, what's next to build? Something even more complicated! I've been recently inspired by @Shank 's recent attempt to make new cards for a SONY CRT. He even made one that just had a Wii on it, which got me...
  2. Question Need Trimmed Wii Help

    I am new to the modding game and I need some help. I trimmed the Wii, transferred the u10, got the voltages where they should be, and video output (just composite) wired up. I can’t get the thing to boot. I did test it before hand and the Wii would only boot with the Bluetooth plugged in. So I...
  3. tealflip

    The Fliptendo (Noldtendo 4-LAYER Edition)

    On March 30th, I stepped into territory I had never faced before. Everyone always wants to build a portable Wii or a micro. But, not everyone has what they need for it. The original Noldtendo was released August 26th, 2020. It is one of the most well known 6-LAYER Wii projects. It's even viewed...
  4. Mc moron mods

    Question RVL-DD alternative

    Is there a good alternative to the rvl direct drive?
  5. LambBrainz

    Solved Short Hunting on an OMGWTF Trim

    Hello! Can anyone give me some more things to try in regards to a few shorts I found? I have a short to ground on the 1.15V line (Continuity mode; One probe on ground screwpost, another on the 1.15V point mentioned here; and I'm getting a beep). This makes some sense because it is fairly close...
  6. Mc moron mods

    Question Joysticks

    What do I use for joysticks? Do I need a custom PCB or what.
  7. YveltalGriffin

    Release Fujiflex (GCVideo DVI flex PCB)

    I recently released fujiflex, a GCVideo DVI flex PCB for 4-layer Wii motherboards. It is permissively licensed under the Solderpad Hardware License v2.1! GITHUB LINK Features: Compact 28 x 30mm 2-layer flex PCB (requires KiCAD 8.0 or later) ~$10 BOM cost Powered from 3.3V and 1.8V (1.2V...
  8. Guru-guru

    Worklog Zelda Themed Gwii

    Hi, I am soon going to be starting a zelda themed gwii with mx, bluetooth, and ir. I would like the design to be similar to gingers waker of the wiind. This is my first portable and will most likely be my last. I am willing to learn and answer any questions, if I make any mistakes feel free to...
  9. xiuvx

    Question Do i need the wii coin battery

    Hi I've modded my wii with rv loader for a portable and I was wondering if I needed to use that coin battery thing or if I can just not use thanks :)
  10. xiuvx

    Question Is there a video / step by step Guide on installing rv loader

    Hi I'm a little confused on how to install rv loader I've already installed homebrew channel and I'm attempting to install rv loader with a usb stick and it doesn't seem to be working , This is like only my 3rd time trying to install something like this is there possibly a step by step guide of...
  11. xiuvx

    Question Will my wii boot if i remove the disc drive

    I'm building a portable wii and I was wondering if I fully remove the disc drive will my wii still boot if I download homebrew channel and rv loader ? (I'm not Trimming the motherboard btw)
  12. xiuvx

    Question Audio R and L and power on a wii

    Hi I'm very new to modding and stuff and want to make a portable wii could someone possibly send me a picture of a diagram with all the points of audio L and R and also power and video thanks !
  13. Wrn_

    Worklog Portable 1: a SWiiTCH Wrendition

    1. The Online Recipe Preamble With all of that said, while it is an ambitious project with all the bells and whistles, I'm optimistic about the outcome and excited to get started. Thanks in advance to @YveltalGriffin, @CrazyGadget, @Y2K, and everyone else who humored my discord questions...
  14. Dig Dug

    Question Wii disk drive

    Could anyone tell me what this component is that got knocked off of the disk drive board?
  15. Yanis

    Question Question about Wii's GameCube Ports

    Hi, I have a small question, say you have a wire or a cable or something like this in your hand, if you want to add a switch or a board or whatever you want you'd just cut that wire or cable or whatever in half and solder both sides the switch or board or the whatever you want, how that would...
  16. Trimmed Wii random USB crashing

    Hi everyone, love this site and all its helpful people and content, I've had a lot of fun with my project. I want to trim a Wii so that it can fit in a 5" portable color CRT TV, so that I can play console+CRT super smash bros. melee on the go, all in one and in a form factor that can fit in a...
  17. GroovyMusicMan

    Question buying pcb's for the ashida

    I have these added to the cart. I read the description under the pcb's to try and understand what each one does, but I feel like some of the pieces (ie the replacement heat monitor L chip) are redundant, and I don't really wanna waste money, so is this all I need to make the ashida work? (I have...
  18. harutoch

    Worklog AWiiDA, my first wii portable (wii-themed ashida)

    I've ordered all the parts except for the 4layertech stuff as i have to make sure i got enough money before getting it. My vision is a wii-themed ashida, and i made a decal to put on the back (attached). I also made a Pikmin RVLoader theme if you're interested in it. I've wanted to make a wii...
  19. GroovyMusicMan

    Worklog First potable

    I installed the homebrew channel, but am struggling on how to get game cube iso filed, and I also don't know if I did the wifi disabling bit to allow me to trim the motherboard
  20. SartoZ

    Question Wii memory card slot relocation

    Hello there I'm building an Ashida with GC memory card slot, but looking at the wii trim diagram I'm not sure if I have to solder the data wires to the test pads or to those DA components. Do somebody know it?