1. Dig Dug

    Question Wii disk drive

    Could anyone tell me what this component is that got knocked off of the disk drive board?
  2. Yanis

    Question Question about Wii's GameCube Ports

    Hi, I have a small question, say you have a wire or a cable or something like this in your hand, if you want to add a switch or a board or whatever you want you'd just cut that wire or cable or whatever in half and solder both sides the switch or board or the whatever you want, how that would...
  3. Trimmed Wii random USB crashing

    Hi everyone, love this site and all its helpful people and content, I've had a lot of fun with my project. I want to trim a Wii so that it can fit in a 5" portable color CRT TV, so that I can play console+CRT super smash bros. melee on the go, all in one and in a form factor that can fit in a...
  4. GroovyMusicMan

    Question buying pcb's for the ashida

    I have these added to the cart. I read the description under the pcb's to try and understand what each one does, but I feel like some of the pieces (ie the replacement heat monitor L chip) are redundant, and I don't really wanna waste money, so is this all I need to make the ashida work? (I have...
  5. harutoch

    Worklog AWiiDA, my first wii portable (wii-themed ashida)

    I've ordered all the parts except for the 4layertech stuff as i have to make sure i got enough money before getting it. My vision is a wii-themed ashida, and i made a decal to put on the back (attached). I also made a Pikmin RVLoader theme if you're interested in it. I've wanted to make a wii...
  6. GroovyMusicMan

    Worklog First potable

    I installed the homebrew channel, but am struggling on how to get game cube iso filed, and I also don't know if I did the wifi disabling bit to allow me to trim the motherboard
  7. SartoZ

    Question Wii memory card slot relocation

    Hello there I'm building an Ashida with GC memory card slot, but looking at the wii trim diagram I'm not sure if I have to solder the data wires to the test pads or to those DA components. Do somebody know it?
  8. GroovyMusicMan

    Question Starting my first portable

    I've ordered 2 wii systems off ebay to work on. I'm a complete beginner. What tools do I need? I've already got a dremel. Is there a thread on affordable, quality tools I'll need? Also when I start cutting up motherboards how do I start a work log thread?
  9. harutoch

    Question White or black wii?

    which one do yall like more? I want your opinion on which one looks the best for a little project.
  10. harutoch

    Question Best first portable?

    Hi, I'm brand new to portablizing and wanted some help with choosing what to build as my first portable. I really want to make a louii, as i love the look of it and the customization, but I heard it's not the best for beginners like me. I saw the Ashida, and I think it's okay but I don't really...
  11. harutoch

    Question Help with making a portable

    Hi, I'm currently thinking of making a wii portable. I'm getting a job soon (under 18), so I plan to save up about $600 to make a portable. I have no knowledge in making a portable, but I am willing to learn. I'm attempting to make a Louii as I love the design of it. do I have to buy custom...
  12. Question OM6 Ashiida Display Issues

    Hey everyone! I could definitely use some help.. I started an Ashiida build and ended up with an OM6 motherboard. I also accidentally ordered a PMS lite instead of the PMS-2, not realizing that the 1.8v connection on the lite was not an output, and I'm still not sure that this is required. I...
  13. Solved Individual game issues on trimmed wii

    On my portable, I have a few GameCube games that give me problems when running them. None of these issues happen on my untrimmed wii (same version of RVLoader(1.6), same iso files), so I know it's not the iso files. The games are: Starfox Adventures - Black Screen, no sound F-Zero GX - Black...
  14. Solved RGB difficulty with Wii VGA

    I've been having difficulties with the RGB connections for my G-Wii's VGA. As it stands, my display looks like this: Here are the approximate resistances to GND for all 3 (both on the Wii and the screen board): R: 37.5 G: 75 B: 75 Based on what I've read, I think that means the G and B...
  15. Wesk

    Guide Wii Undervolting "guide" and stats. (incomplete)

    Here is the first dirty release of the Wii undervolting "guide". This isn't an official release yet because: I'm not really sure how to structure this information in a forum post yet. I need a larger sample size of systems and tests to really dial everything in. Brief synopsis/overview...
  16. XsunaTera66

    Question Ashida pcbs

    Simple question. Can you gat all required boards for the ashida off 4layertech? Also, where are the instructions for the ashida mod?
  17. XsunaTera66

    Anyone got a spare g-boy kit?

    Yeah despite my best efforts i am unable to find all the parts needed for a portable of any kind. If anyone is willing to sell me a g-boy kit i will pay handsomely (as soon as i sell some cpus and gpus) or if you can provide links to each and every part that would also be greatly appreciated. Im...
  18. Worklog Opaque Blue Noldendo

    Hi, I'm still working on gathering components and finalizing details, but here are the consumables I've gathered so far ... The case is currently printed in gray PLA. However, I have an unopened spool of blue ASA, a full metal throat for my Ender 3 that has not yet been installed, and a 3D...
  19. DiamondBuildsWii202

    Question Solder recommendations?

    My solder doesn't work very well. The fan connection sometimes doesn't work and it doesn't stick on to the bms. Does anyone know a cheap and easy to find solder?
  20. DiamondBuildsWii202

    Question Did I break the fan?

    Today I was doing a few experiments with my untrimmed wii motherboard and I foolishly tried to connect 2 fans at the same time (both required 5v) and the system crashed. When I turned it back on the fan wasn't working anymore. I tried to see if the fan or the connector broke and the fan was fine...