1. Cyframe

    Anime themes for RVLoader

    Recently I've gotten to work on making themes for RVLoader, with help from @Aurelio of course! The first idea I had for a theme was a Steins;Gate theme. I have other Nintendo related themes that are coming - but hopefully for now, this will quench the thirst people seem to have for custom...
  2. Moustique

    Worklog My First Portable Wii

    Hello everybody, My name is Romain and i'm from France, I found a lot of information about the portable Wii on this forum and some Tuto. Then I decide to create one for myself, because I'm a big fan of Nintendo. I make a lot of research and I finally decide to buy everything. First of all I...
  3. CakeB0ss

    Worklog BardRights's First Portable Build (Tomii)

    Hello! My name is BardRights AKA CakeB0ss AKA Thomas and I'm starting my first portable build in the next few days. After years of passing research and a couple of half-assed attempts, I'm finally ready to begin working on portablizing a Wii. I hope this will be a really fun project to learn a...
  4. Question hinges for clamshell?

    Hi everyone! I'm currently designing a wii portable with a clamshell based off of the new 3ds xl. I'm still very new to cad design and I don't feel comfortable taking apart a new 3ds xl, so to cut straight to the point, are there any hinges similar in size to the new 3ds xl hinge that i could...
  5. Gi0V1Z

    Question Trimmed Wii won’t boot

    Hi everyone, I’m testing the trim of my Wii and it won’t boot, I double checked almost everything. The CPU and the GPU heat up when I turn the system on, also the fan starts spinning, so I guess my USB-C and my PMS are fine, I also see the files in the USB drive when I plug it in my laptop. I...
  6. David-Industries

    Question Question about wiring

    I'm looking into wiring a 6 layer trim of RVL 20. I was looking at this guide below but I'm not sure that I'm looking in the right location. Could someone help me out and point me in the right direction...
  7. Question My first Wii portable

    Hello everyone! I have been fascinated with portable home consoles since I was a kid. My goal has always been to make one of my own and now that I’m in my 20s I think I finally have the intelligence to complete one. I’m trying to make a Wii portable but I have been struggling to find good...
  8. TropicPug

    Question Trimmed Wii Won’t Boot RVL 40

    Hi all, Checked out an old board I had and wanted to see if I could get it up and running! Sadly it is not working! :C The chips heat up and a signal is detected by the screen (the screen goes a dark grey rather than staying blue). I have tried: Wiring video to a different av. (distorted...
  9. Question audio recommendations?

    I don't know what I should get for audio (speaker, amp, headphone jack) for my Wii portable. I saw the u-amp, but it's sold out. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, I'd enjoy if it took less then a week to ship. I'm fine with paying more for better shipping times, it just needs to be an...
  10. ops400

    Solved How can i run a full wii without a disk drive out of a battery

    Hello I'm very, very, VERY new to making portables, and I planing to make a wii "laptop", it will be a simple thing with a full size wii mother board without a disk drive. Well the point is I will power the system out of a battery and I don't know what battery to chose to power the wii. And if I...
  11. PoposPizza

    Question Wii won’t boot

    My trimmed Wii won’t boot, and I know you will tell me “you need to install WiFi patches”, I did that and even tested it with both WiFi and Bluetooth removed before my trim, and it worked fine, does anybody know what’s wrong with my Wii?
  12. PoposPizza

    Question Does anybody know when RVL-PSU will be in stock again?

    Does anybody know when RVL-PSU will be in stock again?
  13. Minerrv1

    Selling My G-wii Rev 2 ($800) (SOLD)

    Hello, as the title says, I'm selling my G-Wii. I recently built it in November and I've had the best time playing on it. The G-Wii was built with VGA, MX chip relocation. I did not install Bluetooth since I didn't want to play with a Wii-mote on such a small screen. Everything else, is exactly...
  14. guyman70718

    Discussion wii2hdmi fusion360 model

    I made a model of my wii2hdmi since i'm going to be using it in a project so I thought i might as well share it, may help if your also going to use one my silkscreen says: "WII2HDMI V4 2020/08/19" and it is a non-scaling model.
  15. guyman70718

    Guide SD card relocation on 6 layer Wii

    My Wii needed to boot into bootmii after trimming so I am posting the sd card relocation points here for anyone in the future that needs or wants to relocate SD. This is a CPU-01 board but I would think the points are the same on other 6 layer Wiis. I used the same color guide as the 4 layer...
  16. WillF

    Question [Not modified yet] Wii not working Black screen

    Here’s a Wii I will be using to make the G Boy Wii portable. I just bought this on eBay and the seller said that the system has a broken disc drive but works and boots into the menu. But when I power it on it only shows a black screen. I tried using a different composite and component cable, I...
  17. TropicPug

    Worklog Beginner Project - The Wii ToU

    Hi all, I’ve been looking into portablising for a long time and have finally decided to give it a shot! My plan is to fit a Wii portable into a Wii u gamepad with original buttons and the batteries to be stored externally with a 3D printed mount. I hope this worklog can be helpful more...
  18. Gi0V1Z

    Question Wi-Fi relocation

    Hi everyone, is there any worklog or guide that explains how to relocate wifi?
  19. Gi0V1Z

    Looking for USB C PD PCB, RVL PMS and RVL LCD Direct Drive

    Hi, I’m am going to build my first Wii portable but I can’t find some parts: -USB C PD PCB -RVL Power Management System -RVL LCD Direct Drive Those parts are currently unavailable on the store, and I don’t know when there will be a restock If anybody have those, answer me
  20. Xenon

    Solved did I break my trimmed Wii?

    I started the trim yesterday and haven't done anything besides the cut. While I was doing that a part of my motherboards traces on the edge got cut and I am not sure if it is necessary or unimportant. I will include a picture but I am not sure if I should start again or keep going. Any...