1. Lucascito_03

    Worklog Nintendo Swiitch (Lite) Clone

    I am planning to make a Wii portable based off of the Nintendo Switch Lite's design. I'm going to balance aesthetic and functionality. I don't know if docking will be implemented. Here is my concept drawing (blurry finger included!): (The one on the left) I've already found an RVL-CPU-40 on...
  2. Question No VGA output on untrimmed Wii

    Hi guys. Unfortunately I'm not getting any video out on my untrimmed Wii. I'm trying to do Aurelio's VGA mod. I enabled it in BBLoader already. I'm using AWG 38 magnet write for some of the lines due to having to solder to vias, and AWG 30 for soldering to pins. My Wii turns on all right...
  3. Ezra W Wolf

    Question Cheaper, but similar alternative to the PTH08080WAH

    I've been looking to get back into the portable wii world again, and after my first failed attempt a few months ago, I've taken time to learn about the basics of electricity, the parts that use it, and how things work. I'm still no where even close to perfect, nobody is, I'm only 15. But I'm...
  4. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    I'm a little late to start my worklog, but I hope to actually finish my entry this year! I'm building something I've been wanting to build for a long time: a Gameboy Advance shaped Wii portable. My main idea here is to try and keep both the size and the shape accurate to the original GBA without...
  5. Aaron Miller

    Question How will the Nintendo leak affect things?

    For those of you who haven't heard, there was a recent leak of some Nintendo stuff that apparently includes everything from N64 tech demos to the very source code of the Wii itself. If you search "Nintendo Leak," you'll be bombarded with news stories about it. Reportedly, the ~3GB of info that...
  6. Worklog Magister's worklog - No Name Wii

    This is my worklog for my wii portable build project. I just placed an order for all my tools. So far, I have the 7 or 8" screen, driver board, hdmi splitter and hdmi adapter (i know, bad for power but as its my first time, ill give it a whirl), 6 layer wii (going to search for a 4 layer this...
  7. Omar Elsayed

    Question Can you guys check my materials for making a wii portable?

    GC+ and dual tact mod - bitbuilt store Mini PAM8803 audio amp board - here I want to be able to somehow use a poteniometer on the amp board (Any guides on this?), this is what I want to use - GBA 5-pin potentiometer WiiU gamepad speakers - here 4-pin headphone jacks - here. Should I use 3-pin...
  8. vikMKW

    Worklog Toshiiba

    Background Wii laptops were popular among early modders and beginners, like myself, but all attempts I've perused were incomplete, dated, or were not portable (i.e. tethered to wall power). I don’t stand a chance against this year's unique ideas and skilled modders, but I hope to take the title...
  9. DonutCat448

    Solved Following the Wii Trimming Guide

    Hello. When looking at the trimming guide, there are multiple things highlighted with the same color. Does this mean the wire can be attached anywhere highlighted in the color, or just a specific location? Thank you!
  10. DonutCat448

    Solved Relocating/Trimming 6-layer Documentation

    Hello, community. I have begun preparing my RVL-CPU-01 Wii motherboard for relocation and trimming, but I cannot find video/photo documentation showing what a successful 6-layer OM6 trim and Bluetooth/U10 relocation should look like. I've checked out both 'The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide' as...
  11. DonutCat448

    Solved PortablizeMii Cheese Installer

    Cheese Installer will not recognize my USB. Its a 32gb flash drive, which has been formatted to FAT32 with 32kb allocation size. All appropriate files have been copied over, and it's been put into the proper USB port on the Wii. I still get the message every time "Patching Running IOS; IOS...
  12. Omar Elsayed

    Question Questions about making a wii portable and other stuff

    1. Any good guide on making analog shoulder button presses? 2. My order is still awaiting fulfillment, but I want to add more stuff. Can I add it to my current order so I won't have to pay for shipping twice? 3. Does portablizemii replace the wii menu? Or can i go back to the wii menu if I want...
  13. Omar Elsayed

    Question What speakers should I use for my wii portable.

    Can i use wii U or 3ds speakers? Will any speaker work? will any audio amp board work?
  14. Omar Elsayed

    Question Using 3ds analog stick as a gamecube analog stick replacement

    I want to build a wii portable and want to use 3ds analog sticks. Do I just use the caps? Or do I somehow replace the analog stick on the gamecube with it. If yes, how do I do it?
  15. Legend

    Guide Portable Wii Reference Links

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, *EDIT* - My bored dumb ass was going through the rules and noticed: 4. Don't Post Other User's Work Without Permission I do apologize in advance for anybody who didn't want their content linked here, please let me know if you do not want it here, and I will take it...
  16. Omar Elsayed

    Question Can I use a gamecube power management board for a wii portable? Will that ruin anything?

    I don't know which power distribution boards to use for a portable wii. Will one from a gamecube work? If not what are some good PMS boards to use?
  17. Question Selling Wii With PortablizeMii

    I bought a Wii a couple of years ago, and I installed PortablizeMii. Can I sell it with the software? Edit: Just googled it. I can't sell it with games on it.
  18. Question Can I get away with not trimming at all?

    Sounds like a dumb question. "Just follow the trimming guide. Stick with what works". I'm kinda just curious though, would it be feasible to make a portable with the full-size Wii board inside? It's not *that* huge, so if I didn't care about the size of the portable too much, would this be an...
  19. Omar Elsayed

    Question I never used portablizemii before, but can it still run discs?

    Also, is there a way to trim the Wii disc drive smaller and relocate it once the wii motherboard is trimmed?