1. Worklog Opaque Blue Noldendo

    Hi, I'm still working on gathering components and finalizing details, but here are the consumables I've gathered so far ... The case is currently printed in gray PLA. However, I have an unopened spool of blue ASA, a full metal throat for my Ender 3 that has not yet been installed, and a 3D...
  2. DiamondBuildsWii202

    Question Solder recommendations?

    My solder doesn't work very well. The fan connection sometimes doesn't work and it doesn't stick on to the bms. Does anyone know a cheap and easy to find solder?
  3. DiamondBuildsWii202

    Question Did I break the fan?

    Today I was doing a few experiments with my untrimmed wii motherboard and I foolishly tried to connect 2 fans at the same time (both required 5v) and the system crashed. When I turned it back on the fan wasn't working anymore. I tried to see if the fan or the connector broke and the fan was fine...
  4. Anris

    Release "Wii Backpack" Project, STL and BOM

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, but i have been activily reading forum posts and guides for the last 4 years. Along with reading guides, i have been honing my skills with 3 different initial portabilizing projects of my own designs. I might make posts for and share the other 3 projects...
  5. ModManMac

    Worklog Excited Work Log

    Hey everyone ! figured i would document my process as i’m going along i love the idea of being able to look back at the posts like notes. today i received a gamecube controller and a wii classic controller and quickly got to work desoldering components. i removed all the stick boxes, after...
  6. Question Wii Motherboard Stackup

    Hi there! I'm new here so sorry if this is common knowledge but im struggling to find informaiton on it. I am aware that the 4 layer wii motherboard is doccumetned here https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/wii-rvk-01-compendium-released.93/ but unless I am missing something this only...
  7. Okiguess

    New idea: pre trimmed wii.

    Do you remember when gman made a custom n64 motherboard that ran almost the exact same way (so that it wasn't emulation)? My idea: do the same but for the wii. We could make it the same size and stuff, so that it works with pre-designed builds. Give me feedback pls!
  8. PuzzledGrain

    Question HELP!!

    I accidentally deleted the files for my Wii. I already cut it and have no way of retrieving these files. Is there anyway I could create new files off of another Wii and transfer them to the sd card for the portable. Any help is appreciated.
  9. icy_system

    Worklog The WiiCube (my first portable)

    [EDIT] Hello! Welcome to my worklog for my Wii portable. This started as a questions thread, but then it morphed into my worklog. I made some progress later, but at the beginning I just I have a ton of questions. Basically, what I tried to accomplish was a Wii portable with these features...
  10. kingderp2

    Worklog The Phiinix

    After taking a long hiatus following the failure of the Zoowiimama (RIP) I wanted to come back and actually finish a Wii portable, so from the ashes of the Zoowiimama rises the Phiinix! I contemplated just making an Ashida but I really like the design process so decided against it. I also...
  11. Question My first portable wii-problems with the resistance values of the 1.15v voltages

    Hello, I am building my first portable wii, I have read and reread the guides and everything on how to do it to be a little prepared to be able to make my own, and still failing in the attempt, and excuse my English if it seems rude or inappropriate I occupy the Google translator. -Thank you...
  12. LambBrainz

    Worklog Stiim Deck

    Hello all! Wanted to show off a neat project I'm working on as well as release some files in case anyone wanted to make their own. Long story short, I love the form factor of Valve's Steam Deck and wanted to make a portable Wii utilizing the shell. This will give me a huge screen, a great...
  13. Wesk

    Model Wii Mini Console Scan

    Wii Mini Console Scan Contains: Wii Mini Console Top Shell Wii Mini Console Bottom Shell Wii Mini Console Drive Lid Wii Mini Console Drive Bracket Wii Mini Console Open Button Wii Mini Console Power Button Wii Mini Console Battery Mount Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count...
  14. Okiguess

    Question direct power

    Hello, i was wondering if you could power the entire wii motherboard dierctly (without trimming) to see if it works. do i solder wires to the place were the input is or where you solder the batteriest after trimming. Please help!
  15. Tantalus2102

    Worklog Ashida Worklog + Questions

    After years of modding Gameboys and staring longingly at portabilized consoles, I've decided to take the plunge and build an Ashida for myself. I've spent the past weeks reading the forums and gathering parts, and I've already put a significant dent into things, though the hard work is all ahead...
  16. Discussion WiiBoy Player Concept

    Hello all, I had this concept in my head for a while and finally found a good tech-savvy community to bounce ideas/questions off of. The Wii essentially has an an entire Gamecube inside of it, and with the controller and memory ports, it can do ALMOST anything a Gamecube can. Except use of the...
  17. Okiguess

    Tools please!

    I am building an Ashida portable and I don't know what tools and extra parts not listed on 4 layer tech to buy. Please recommend things to remove soldering as well as a soldering iron and other important tools/pieces.
  18. XsunaTera66

    Discussion Ok hear me out

    I know my ideas are all bad, but i think this one might be pretty good. what is the one fatal flaw with current portables? No sensor bar makes it impossible to do certain tasks such as selecting things from a menu, for the lack a cursor. This is where This product comes in. This allows you to...
  19. LCandell

    Question Questions about trimming mobo

    Hey pals! Does anyone know if I can cut my mainboard trough these red lines and still be able to use the board without custom regulators? In case you couldn't see the board version, It's RVL-CPU-40
  20. Sharpsword

    WTB Samsung Fit Usb drive or Kingston micro sd card adapter (Closed)

    Looking to buy samsung flash drive or Kingston micro as adapter, been striking out on getting reloaded installed with everything Else I tried. Also willing to consider KNOWN working usb drives