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Discussion Wii Frame Project !

Sep 15, 2016


My name is Meshari, & this is my first post here.

i don't know how to use any 3D designing program , but i'm a little bit better with photoshop

and i have this idea for making a wii that can be hanged on my office wall or my living room wall and playing with it whenever i feel board, and at the same time, i can just pick it up and leave and pullout the stand and play my favorite games on the garden table for example.

anyway, cause i couldn't do any of the designing or making it happen, i think that this idea gotta go to someone who deserves it.

so here you go:

as you guys can see on the front of the device, there's the IR sensors above, and there's the speakers in the bottom, and there's the buttons in the middle and the LED which is in the green color.

and as you can see in the back of the device, above there's that hole that makes it possible for the wii to be hanged on the wall, and there's the stand on the bottom of the device, and of course there's the ventilation holes in the bottom left.

and on the right side of the device there's the DC port above, and there's the SD card and USB ports, and there's the fan in the bottom.

that's all i could do, and thank you guys for sharing your wonderful work, and excuse me for my bad english.

i hope someone will like this idea and make it happen, i'll be happy when it happens.



Formally known as Chaos
Jul 11, 2016
Hey mesho1986,

Welcome to the community! This looks pretty awesome and I loved how you designed it.
This community is more of doing it yourself and sharing what you learn with each other. Sometimes we get stuck or are unsure of what to do so we ask those with more experience to help us out.

If you would really rather someone else make it then you could approach some people with a commission job and ask them if they would be interested.

Best of luck!