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May 10, 2019
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Hello Ladies and Gentlemen,

*EDIT* - My bored dumb ass was going through the rules and noticed:
4. Don't Post Other User's Work Without Permission
I do apologize in advance for anybody who didn't want their content linked here, please let me know if you do not want it here, and I will take it out. Thank you :)

I have combed through the forums a bit to compile these reference links. I am 100% positive I have missed some things (and even Goodies like CAD files etc.) so feel free to reply, adding what you think should be up here and ill edit it in if possible (any updates to software as well)

(Refer to replies just in case I haven't edited in what people may have added)


Noob Question Thread


How to Install PortablizeMii

Setting Up Wii & GameCube Games

Working With Covers in PortablizeMii

GC2Wiimote - Beta

Revision Identification

The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide

LMAOv2 and NAND Relocation "Guide"

Wii Trimming & Troubleshooting FAQ

Pearls of Wisdom from Discord

Custom Regulators: A Guide and Explanation

Portables and batteries: A Guide and Explanation

U-AMP Documentation

GC+2.0 Documentation

Nintendo Switch Joysticks on Other Consoles

“Shanks Famous” GameCube Joycon CAD Files

GingerOfOz’ Louii CAD Files

G-Mans G-Wii CAD Files

Jeffs Assortment of Various Models

I threw some extra goodies in there like the CAD files so newcomers can study the great designs the people of Bitbuilt have to offer (Thank you everybody!! You guys are all seriously insane !!)..

Big shout to anybody who has contributed to any of these guides/software/files etc... We wouldn't have any of the crazy portables we have today without you guys!!
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