1. nexor310

    Question Guide for trimming a PS1 (SCPH-5500)

    Does anyone know if there is a guide out there for trimming a SCPH-5500 PS1 or is the process essentially the same for each type? - Thanks in advance
  2. Y2K

    Worklog PSXpress - Cutting Edge PS1 Portable

    Time to throw my hat in the ring! We've been making a ton of advancements in PS1 portablizing lately, and I'm hoping to make some further advancements to push the console further than it has before. Preliminary features are as follows: PU-18 revision trim Either a Yveltal/tzmwx style board...
  3. juankamq

    Worklog My attempt at making a gamecube portable

    I know, I know. A wii is better and all that... I have about 3 gamecubes with a broken laser, 1 dol 001 and 2 101. I built a really really bad gamecube portable back in 2011 I think, when the modretro forums were still alive and it came so crappy that I didn't forget it. Anyways here I am 12...
  4. Goodie175

    Question Weird Screen Artifacts...

    So I finished my N64 portable a while ago and noticed it had strange lines in the bottom left of the screen... I thought maybe it needed the low pass video filter redone as I am using composite out. So I added a 75ohm resistor and the 47pf capacitor from the trimmed off part of the motherboard...
  5. Anris

    Release "Wii Backpack" Project, STL and BOM

    Hello everyone, this is my first post, but i have been activily reading forum posts and guides for the last 4 years. Along with reading guides, i have been honing my skills with 3 different initial portabilizing projects of my own designs. I might make posts for and share the other 3 projects...
  6. Question Would acrylic paint be suitable for design on portable?

    For my Ashida I'm making, my girlfriend will be helping me paint the case. So far, our idea is to cover it with a light blue spray paint and then put a design on the middle of the bottom half. For the light blue I've decided to use testors or tamiya (I haven't decided so if anyone has...
  7. Okiguess

    New idea: pre trimmed wii.

    Do you remember when gman made a custom n64 motherboard that ran almost the exact same way (so that it wasn't emulation)? My idea: do the same but for the wii. We could make it the same size and stuff, so that it works with pre-designed builds. Give me feedback pls!
  8. Discussion ps3 portable

    hello there. greetings ! im mel acostoy from philippines i've heard about gman project the ps2 portable and the successful of trimming guide he make. that gives other user potential to make their own portable ps2. Since he made that kind of project. lets take another step of portable next...
  9. Okiguess

    Tools please!

    I am building an Ashida portable and I don't know what tools and extra parts not listed on 4 layer tech to buy. Please recommend things to remove soldering as well as a soldering iron and other important tools/pieces.
  10. d3z0rian

    Worklog αVenus

    alphaVenus a Sega Genesis 3 portable Inspired by αSNES from @YveltalGriffin Initial features: Custom motherboard PCB Supports cartridges 5" 640x480 screen (ZJ050NA-08C) 3BP (Triple Bypass for Genesis) Shinobi Scaler PAM8019 for audio Six buttons controller Power: I have no idea yet Right...
  11. XsunaTera66

    Discussion I just wanna talk about my failure of a wii

    So a while back i started on a wii portable with the ultimate goal of it being the full wii experience. The same classic Home Screen that i loved when i was young and all the other aspects. I wanted to load from usb loader gx as it has the same interface we all know. Many problems and 3 wii...
  12. emberwolf

    Question DVD drive extension cables?

    Hello. I'm working on designing my case for my GCp project. I'd like to slightly relocate the disc drive but I'll have to extend the ribbon cables. I recall seeing someone doing it years ago on either a mod retro or benheck post. I found ribbon extenders for the white 10 pin, but I can't find...
  13. emberwolf

    Worklog GameCube portable in Year of our lord 2023

    Greetings all. I have come to share with you all a GameCube portable in Year of our lord 2023. Why? Well a couple reasons. First is I started and never finished a portable about 5-6 years ago that I'll be cannibalizing as a start point. The second major reason is that this is a present for a...
  14. Okiguess

    Question I have a pretty cool idea for a portable.

    It is a portable wii that looks (a bit) like a book from he outside but inside it is your typical folding wii portable. Here is a pic. should i build this (im a beginner to the modding community) or should i start with an ashida or a simpler one like that?
  15. Question Portable Wii crashes randomly

    Hey BitBuilt, finally getting around to posting this lol. About a year ago I turned my original Wii into a portable by removing the disk drive, putting a GC controller into where the disk drive used to be, attached a monitor, and some battery packs on the back. Big and clunky, I know, but I was...
  16. Question Building a Portable Wii : 4Layer's PCB Shortage

    I'm a huge fan of electronic projects and I really would like to do my own portable Wii. I own a 3D printer and have some skill in 3D modeling, printing, soldering, PCB conception... I've started to search for more information about how the motheboard trimming works, what components would I...
  17. Cap’nPhineas

    Solved Portable feature implementation

    I am going to be starting work on my first portable soon and I want to know how to A. Be able to connect to a TV and B. Get full WiiMote compatibility preferably without an external sensor bar.
  18. dababy

    Worklog A Gwii Worklog (The first in a while)

    Ok so here is the first gwii portable in a while. I’ve already done quite a bit but better late than never. I have the pms pd led and fan all wired up with the wii ready to drop in. Rn I’m wiring up the batteries. Ps the name is to be come up with but something to do with Zelda because of the...
  19. Dozzi

    Ashida Wii Portable

    I have a question as I am currently planning everything out as a beginner to build the Ashida Wii Portable. I am wondering where to get the shell 3d printed for good quality and extra tools I may need besides the essentials. I have a $750 budget for everything (I'm willing to spend some more on...
  20. R. G. Marigold

    Worklog The Galaxii (a Swiitch clone)

    I figured it was about time for me to start a worklog on here! I want to make something similar to BocuD's Swiitch 2.5, but minus the custom firmware, since that's a little outside my skillset. Planned Features: 5" IPS display RVL PMS Lite U-Amp 2 with Wii HUD controls GC+ 2 RVL PD 2 3DS...