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Jan 28, 2016

G: Ground
IVDD: Digital Supply Voltage
3V3: 3.3V Supply Voltage
MC: I2S Master Clock
C: I2S Bit Clock
D: I2S Data
WS: I2S Word Select
HL: Headphone Left Audio
HR: Headphone Right Audio
S: Headphone Sense Switch
HG: Headphone Ground
R+: Speaker Right Audio Positive
R-: Speaker Right Audio Negative
L-: Speaker Left Audio Negative
L+: Speaker Left Audio Positive
IL: Analog Audio Left Input
IR: Analog Audio Right Input
J1: Audio Configuration Jumper 1
J0: Audio Configuration Jumper 0
+: Volume Increase
-: Volume Decrease

Wii I2S Config Wiring:
IVDD: 1.8V
J1: Open
J0: Open

PS2 I2S Config Wiring:
IVDD: 1.8V
J1: Closed
J0: Open

Dreamcast I2S Config Wiring:
IVDD: 3.3V
J1: Open
J0: Closed

Analog Audio Input Config Wiring:
IVDD: 3.3V
J1: Closed
J0: Closed

Wire + and - to tact switches connected to Ground
Open means not soldered, and closed means the jumper is soldered across the pads
Refer to the console trimming guides for power wiring
Analog Audio does not need to be wired if you are only using I2S
Wii I2S wiring requires soldering to small vias so it may be more difficult for beginners
If headphones are not wired, then Headphone Sense (S) should be wired to ground to activate the speakers

github: https://github.com/Gmanmodz/U-AMP

UAMP Wii - I2S.png

I2S - UAMP labels.png

Alternate PS2 I2S points
I2S Traces - UAMP labels.png

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