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Jan 28, 2016

The GC+ v2.0 board
A - A button
B - B button
X - X button
Y - Y button
Z - Z button
S - Start button
RT - R-Trigger "click" button
R - R-Trigger analog input.

CX - C-stick X Axis
CY - C-stick Y Axis
SX - Main-Stick X Axis
SY - Main-Stick Y Axis

Z2 - Additional button input to be used in the future with GC2Wiimote hack. Intended to be used as left Z button.
S - Start button
DL - D-pad Left
DR - D-pad Right
DD - D-pad Down
DU - D-pad Up
LT - L-Trigger "click" button
L - L-Trigger analog slider

MP - Positive power supply for the rumble motor. Must be between 3.3V and 5V
M- - Negative output for rumble motor
M+ - Positive output for rumble motor
+ - 3.3V
- - GND
D - Controller Data

Additional notes
  • GC+2.0 supports two kinds of rumble motors: ERM (Eccentric Rotating Mass, i.e. like the one on stock GC controllers) and LRA (Linear Resonance Actuator, i.e. like the ones on the switch joycons). If you want to use LRA motors with your GC+2.0 simply short the two pads underneath the text "LRA", otherwise keep the unconnected.
  • All button inputs must be referred to GND. This means that one side of the tact switch will go to the pad on GC+2.0 and the other to GND.
  • When using tact switches to implement the full analog press you must select digital trigger mode in the homebrew configurator. When doing this they must be referred to GND as well. If you want to use standard analog sliders set the trigger mode to analog.
  • There are two pads for the start button for convenience. They are internally connected so you only need to wire one.
Configuration software
The configuration software can be found in the attachments. Unzip the archive and copy the folder in apps in the apps folder on your USB drive.
To update your GC+2.0 copy open the "GCPlus2.0Update_x.x.zip" file and extract GCPlus2.0Update.hex into the root of your USB, then follow the Update steps in the configurator homebrew.
The following video shows how to use all the features of the configuration software:


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Mar 3, 2016
A new version (v2.2) of GC+2.0's firmware has been released. This version fixes some issues with the triggers when used in analog mode and also fixes issues with some games randomly disconnecting from the controller every once in a while.

The configurator has also been updated with minor improvements. Update the configurator before using it to update your GC+2.0.
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