Question NDSL HDMI Out Mod

Jan 11, 2021
new york / indianapolis
after spending a while refurbing ds lites, i've begun to mod some since i have a few sitting around. i've been working on prep for a hdmi out mod for the ndsl, as i haven't seen very many around.

my question is, the nds obviously doesn't output a hdmi signal natively, so i'd need to use an fpga (probably on a custom ribbon cable) to translate the lcd signal into a hdmi signal. does anyone know of a way to go about this?

i'm aware of the brilliant work done over at problemkaputt, but in addition to the resource seeming a bit incomplete, i have to admit that i haven't worked with video signals a whole lot, so a lot of the acronyms have gone way over my head, and it seems difficult to find their hdmi counterparts. i've attached the problemkaputt resource if anyone would like to break it down. if i'm missing anything, please let me know.

thanks :)

edit: i still have yet to test and find out what the video signal is from the ndsl, but i heard one person somewhere say that it might be lvds. unfortunately, i can't find where it was that i read this, but if that's true, then (through some very surface level digging) i may have found a solution that doesn't require programming entirely custom fpgas. assuming the video signal is lvds, it can be converted into tmds in the fashion mentioned here. obviously, this would pose some issues with audio, but there's always a headphone jack.

if anyone finds this project interesting, or has any information that i may have missed at all, please feel free to respond to this thread, pm me here, or on discord. :)


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