1. Ekterm

    Question Wii wideo owtputs qwestion

    Haven't been on here for a while, glad to see the meta is still strong! I've got a new portable in mind... (Rip slimboii) So what is currently the best/preferred display method? Direct drive sounded awesome but it's not in the 4layer store, is it still a thing? Where would I get one? Is there a...
  2. Cap’nPhineas

    Solved Portable feature implementation

    I am going to be starting work on my first portable soon and I want to know how to A. Be able to connect to a TV and B. Get full WiiMote compatibility preferably without an external sensor bar.
  3. Question Pluto IIX GCvideo help needed

    If anyone has any advice or tips that’d be great as I’ve come to a dead end. Bought the Pluto IIX #6117 pre installed with GCvideo 3.0e and have been trying to install it for a couple weeks now but can’t get any signal. I have tried two different setups so far and have not gotten promising...
  4. Talhaman

    Worklog I finally did it (My first PS2 Portable)

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share my PS2 Portable built which i started back September 2020. On the 27th Sep. 2020 I opened a thread which startet this project So what did i do? Let's see: The Case: So i am a lucky and proud owner of a 3D printer and rudimentary CAD skills. I designed the...
  5. cfc_12

    Question U Amp 2 Digital Audio, Digital Volume Controls

    I'm trying to use the video from the PS2 converted using PS2HDMI to the HDMI of Eyoyo Screen. It is working when you use a HDMI Cable Then I tried using the ffc cable and connector and didn't succeed in getting the HDMI output I also tried this, yet still, didn't get an output This is the...
  6. pngarrett

    Question NDSL HDMI Out Mod

    hi, after spending a while refurbing ds lites, i've begun to mod some since i have a few sitting around. i've been working on prep for a hdmi out mod for the ndsl, as i haven't seen very many around. my question is, the nds obviously doesn't output a hdmi signal natively, so i'd need to use an...
  7. Soulheaven

    Question Project and advice on a portable model scph 79004

    Good evening hi this is my first time that I design a portable ps2, to be premised that I want to make a portable ps2 on a model scph 79004 so that I can make a cut to the motherboard and make it smaller, for the moment for experiment I have a card ps2 obviously not the scph 79004 model to...
  8. Question Switch type of video output

    Hey, the screen I am using for my trimmed Wii just has a composite input but I would love to have an HDMI output port on my console as well. In contrast, the Wii2HDMI adapter needs component output which I get if I would bridge the 3.3v and mode pins. Is it possible to get both output types at...
  9. Ekterm

    Discussion Wii native digital video

    I thought I ran across some mention of this in a different thread before, but I couldn't find it again. Just wondering about bypassing the AVE chip and converting the digital video signal into DVI or something, like the one gamecube mod. Where are we on this, how much has been tried? What are...