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    Hi everyone,

    Summer has just about come to an end and I'm finally able to release the project that took up most of my time. As the name suggests, this project intends to fully replace the Wii's Bluetooth module and add lots of new controller options some people may find useful.

    Firstly, all the source code and design work for the project is available on GitHub for anyone to use and modify:

    This project is largely based on the work done by Law several years ago on this thread. I've modified his approach to allow multiple Wii Remote connections and integrated it with real Bluetooth controller connectivity using an ESP32 microcontroller. The result is a device that allows any classic Bluetooth controller to work on the Wii if it is programmed to do so. Currently supported controllers are Wii Remote, Wii U Pro Controller, Joy-Con, and Switch Pro Controller. There is also the possibility to allow other types of wired controllers; this release includes wired Joy-Con supported.

    Here's the first revision next to the original Wii Bluetooth module:

    And a couple quick demo videos of controller connectivity:

    More detail on functionality and how to use this device can be found in the GitHub link above. As of right now it is experimental and plenty of bugs will show up if you try to use it in lots of different scenarios. I plan on keeping up with this project and improving it when I can, but school starts for me in a week so I'm just about out of time for now.
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    ho leeeeeeeee shit

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