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    Hi all, I want a portable Wii, and it's finally time to make one. It’s going to go painfully slow, just like all my other projects. I’ve been casually collecting the stuff I need, and reading y’all’s worklogs for a long time now, and I need to get started before too much of this stuff is obsolete, and 2017 calls and wants its portable back. Especially since it’ll take me a year to make it. Thanks to everyone who has answered my questions!

    My original plan was to use a Game Gear shell, with buttons from a GC controller. And probably a small 4:3 screen that will keep it looking like a Game Gear, with the original convex plastic lens. Time to frankencase.

    I picked up a controller for free+shipping, because it wasn't working right and the cord was already cannibalized. Perfect for GC+!

    I went ahead and gutted a broken Game Gear and cut up the controller. I ordered the parts for a GC+ and made one. I installed PortablizeMii, and relocated the U10 and bluetooth module. Starts right up! I haven't trimmed yet and I'm terrified.

    I put together my PTH regs (see? 2017's greatest portable!) and I have a stash of other stuff like charge protection circuit, smart charger, amp, etc.

    In trying to think of something silly to name it, I considered things like "Get into Giir," "Giir Shift," "Top Giir," etc. But whenever I type it out, it looks too much like "Girl." But the main reason I don't want to use "Giir" in the name is because there's NO ROOM FOR THE BUTTONS. So I might not even end up using a Game Gear shell, unless I want to use smaller buttons. I wanted the final product to look a lot like a Game Gear. Without that trapezoid lens, it won't look like one at all. Really grinds my giirs. Keep the GC-style buttons on a different case? Use smaller buttons? Decisions.

    Anyway, I'll keep a worklog here so you all can feel better about your own portables.


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