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  1. Toaster912

    Worklog Ryan's wii portable

    So I finally started to trim my wii motherboard, I've got to say it's a pain in the ass. Anyways after a long time of sanding I think I'm good. If anyone else has any advice I'd love to hear it, thanks.
  2. Toaster912

    Question PS3 anolag sticks

    I'm wondering if I could use Ps3 joysticks for my Wii portable? Because I already have my GC+ board.
  3. Toaster912

    Solved Wii portable Controller buttons

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone can link me to were I can get new 3ds buttons for my Wii portable?
  4. Ikeprodigy

    Worklog The IkeprodigWii

    Ok... due to a sudden boost in morale (and boredom) I've decided to put together a little worklog. I must warn you, however, since my money is really tight right now and since it's the end of the school year for me, this worklog is going to be very slow. With that being said, I'm not sure if I'm...
  5. Toaster912

    Question Black plastic part

    hi there is a black plastic part in the way of the OMGWTF trim. How do I remove the part that's in the way of the red line? Also if I get a ZN-45 case from polycase.com do I need to trim the Wii?
  6. Toaster912

    Question First Wii Portable

    This is what I have so far. So I was wondering how can you tell what is the voltage on your screen/monitor? Another question how do I hook up the screen?
  7. pipbug

    Question could i trim this part?

    My motherboard is untrimmed but this is the only part is want to trim. would i have to rewire anything? thanks
  8. Fiskers1208

    Worklog the Wiitendo switch

    This thread will be my work log for my Wii portable. I am designing it to resemble the Nintendo switch, coming out on March 3rd, 2017. I am only going to start designing the case for the unit. I will also design the dock soon. hope you can stay up to date, so yeah. I won't update with pictures...
  9. Fiskers1208

    Question what audio amp should I use in my portable, and how do you wire up the headphone jack?

    I haven't built a portable yet. I am going to build one this summer, so I have all of the info I need but for the audio. What Audio Amp should I use? I am planning to have stereo audio. How do you wire up The Headphone jack. mmm, mmm, Apple.
  10. Solved Please Help..?

    Hi there, I am new to the forum and very new to Wii Portables. Gamecube modding is all I know but I want to make a Wii portable. Is there any overall guide to making one like Kasar's Guide for the gamecube portable? I'm assuming stuff is quite similar to the gamecube but how do I do anything...
  11. Jayden

    Discussion I need help (New to Wii Modding)

    Hello BitBuilt Forums :D I was wanting to make a Wii Portable and I need a little help with how to start. I know I do not want to the OmgWtf trim because I don't want to use Portablize Mii I would mostly like to know things along the lines of: - The most simple trim other than just removing...
  12. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's First Wii Portable (Wii S Lite)

    This is probably going to be a pretty slow worklog since I'm still waiting on parts, but I can at least document what I have so far. Things I want it to have: 3ds sliders / ds buttons Stereo audio with a headphone jack and volume control Moderately decent battery life (at least 2 li ion cells)...
  13. MiseriesChild

    Worklog WiiG Revolution Portable

    Well, I'm wrapping up on my first GC portable... just case work left pretty much and since I have almost all the parts for a Wii portable, (mainly a Wii U Case to put it all in) I figured I would make this my next portable project. So far I have the following parts either in hand or on the...
  14. MiseriesChild

    Discussion Lookin' for some big black Wii...

    I Didn't want to hijack anyone's thread so I figured I would put this one out there... and sorry, couldn't resist the title. Nintendo shouldn't have made it so easy!! >:) So, after looking around quite a bit and seeing/hearing the benefits of a Wii portable vs. a GCp I think I might...