1. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved How long should I wait before trimming my wii after disconnecting power

    I am about to start my first wii project but just to be safe I wanna ask if there is a set amount of time I should wait after unplugging my Wii before it's safe to start slicing up the motherboard or can I just unplug it and get to cutting.
  2. SopaRIP

    Question Help after trimming.

    Hello everyone just got all the tools and boards to start my ps2 portable, the thing is that just for troubleshooting tried trimming the 2nd usb port and removing the digital output of the board. Now it does not show anything on the screen, but the board powers on just fine. Did i just killed...
  3. Omar Elsayed

    Question I never used portablizemii before, but can it still run discs?

    Also, is there a way to trim the Wii disc drive smaller and relocate it once the wii motherboard is trimmed?
  4. Omar Elsayed

    Question Trimming a gamecube disc drive/ connecting a gamecube disc drive to a wii

    Hello, I'm new to making portables and would like to make a portable gamecube (Using a Wii motherboard). I plan to use the SD slot for the wii to load games, but i also want the satisfaction and option of inserting a real gamecube disc. Is it possible for me to connect a gamecube disc drive to a...
  5. Question Wii portable battery and other questions (beginner)

    Hello guys, I am currently planning on building my first Wii portable with a MB trim. After hours of research in the forums I began to make a list of parts to buy. I don't want to waste money by buying parts that won't work toghether, therefore I wanted to ask a couple questions before buying...
  6. Wesk

    Release Noob Cube - Mini Gamecube for first timers

    So this is my first Wii trim and case design. I figured i'd start out with a rather simple mod before moving on to a portable. THE GOAL: To create a case that is simple to print and assemble. To reuse a decent amount of Wii components and screws. Small enough to be cute but retain...
  7. Blitz4597

    Trimmed wii board

    Anyone willing to sell a trimmed board? If so pm me!
  8. ComradeNull

    Question WiiMote Trim Troubleshooting

    Hello All I am currently working on a WiiMote trim for being embedded inside of a GameCube controller with a GameCube -> ClassicController adapter embedded as well as to make the GameCube controller wireless. Currently, I have trimmed off half of the WiiMote board and I am using a 5V to 3.3V...
  9. MrPresident

    Solved Can't get a 4 layer board to boot. This time I have everything (I think)

    Hey everyone, here I am again. This time I tried to do everything there was to do. I bought and wired the PTH08080, checked voltages and trimmer a bit out the lines. When I power it up the screen is black and it's like it's resetting every half a second. The only thing I didn't try is to adjust...
  10. ruumoo

    Discussion Wii custom motherboard PCB

    I started my Portable Wii project about a year ago and managed to do the OMGWTF-trim successfully, but I never finished the project. Now I was thinking of reviving the project and today on the bus, I got to think , if it could be possible to design a custom motherboard and transplant the...
  11. MrPresident

    Question Can't get to boot 6-layer board

    Hi everyone, after I broke my only 4 layer board, I decided to go forward and trim a 6 layer one. After testing that everything was working with the regulators and installing PortablizeMii, I decided to trim it. And to my surprise, it was working. But after working for 2 times, it died. The CPU...
  12. Nold

    Board scan Wii RVK-01 Compendium [Libre-/GIMP-/XCF-Edition]

    Hi, I hope it's ok if I post this here, but since a few people (like me) don't want/can use Paint.Net, here is the latest version of the Wii-Compendium, converted to .XCF (GiMP Project). It can also be opened with Krita & likely many more! Download (Full / Resized)...
  13. Nold

    Worklog Road to OMEGA [Smexy-/Meme-/Pic-heavy as f***]

    The discord addicted should already have seen a lot of those pics, but i wanted to share them for all ppl on BB :) Also i think it's the best i can do for celebrating my one-hundreds post in this community! Warning: Some of the shown mods are still in a Proof-Of-Concept, so don't try this at...
  14. Möyh Mäyh

    Worklog Möyh Mäyh's trim attempt

    Hello there. I registered just a moment ago. So, I bought a Wii to try OMGWTF on and will most likely turn it into a portable and some kind of dock with GC ports and stuff. Main goal here is ability to play GC games, but I'm planning to keep BT and wifi. Progress so far consists of a succesful...
  15. Nold

    Guide The Definitive DC Trimming Guide

    Introduction This guide and its graphics were created by me, to the best of my knowledge and certain. But without guarantee of correctness! (Even if everything has been tested by me)! So make sure that you know what you are doing, as I will not be responsible for any damage or harm you might do...
  16. Solved Fried My Trim?

    So I was wiring up the 3v lines to the bluetooth module and I accidentally hit the ground pin of my power switch (soldered to the board ground) with the end of one of the wires because I'm dumb and wasn't being careful and paying attention. Saw and heard a spark and now the board wont boot. The...
  17. Question No rumble after trim?

    As the title implies, I've got no rumble in my cube controller after a trim on a 4 layer board. The rumble worked before the trim and the controller is getting 5 volts so I'm not really sure what's going on here. The trim works fine as well (obviously). I have a wasp fusion installed on a cube...
  18. Question Trim Not Booting/Weird USB Shenanigans

    Well, just like the title says my trim isn't booting. The cpu and gpu both heat up slowly. The board worked just fine before the trim, and I have checked all of the regs multiple times. U10 is wired up with the trace cut and is receiving power. Nothing happens for a bit when I turn the power on...
  19. Question Trim help

    I trimmed my wii(6layer) but now it won't power on plz help.could this likely be caused by not sanding with the right grit? Or did I just cut something important? Unless I have to if rather not do the omgwtf trim. This trim will fit fine in my case.