1. Shock

    Question Wii Trim - Issue with 1.8v and 3.3v not outputting

    Hey there, I’ve been working on an Ashida and recently trimmed my motherboard and have been having issues getting it to start. Currently, when I try to start the Wii, I feel it getting warm but when I tested it with my multimeter while the Wii was powered on, I was not getting any current from...
  2. Mc moron mods

    Question portables that use OMEGA trims

    What portables use the OMEGA mobo trim?
  3. Thomothy

    Discussion Trim designs

    Hi y’all! I was messing around with the Compendium and I decided to try and mark out my own trim markings. mainly because I wanted to keep the 4 screw holes but want to challenge myself with the trimming and relocation of LMAO and OMEGA trims. All the trims are octagons (even if I had to...
  4. porc

    Worklog Wii in Gamecube

    I am working on a 6 layer trim based on Nold's Miicro. I finished the trim, tested the resistances and everything seems good to go, but when I have 5V connected to AV it won't turn on. When the 5V is disconnected (white wire shown below) it turns on, evidenced by the CPU heating up. I have tried...
  5. Wesk

    Worklog Sega Dreamblade (DC Slim)

    (Yes, I know this looks like a cutting edge post but the project isn't complete so just enjoy the high quality GIF's) How did it start? a few months ago I did a bunch of undervolt testing on the Wii for a potential future project and during that time I figured I'd undervolt test a few other...
  6. Wesk

    Worklog Final Destination Omega Trim

    So since the GC Nano project went into effect @CrazyGadget and I were working on more Omega trims than we've ever done before, this led me down a path of morbid curiosity to answer the question: "How small can the Omega trim actually be?" I spent a bit of time looking over the compendium and...
  7. Okiguess

    Question direct power

    Hello, i was wondering if you could power the entire wii motherboard dierctly (without trimming) to see if it works. do i solder wires to the place were the input is or where you solder the batteriest after trimming. Please help!
  8. Morklympious

    Question A quick question about re-wiring the reset button?

    I had an issue with the board that I'm currently preparing to trim where I pressed a bit too hard on the tactile button and ended up thumb-punching the damn thing straight off, effectively preventing myself from hardware resetting straight into priiloader. Context: I don't want to make a...
  9. Dynamic_Hayden

    Solved How long should I wait before trimming my wii after disconnecting power

    I am about to start my first wii project but just to be safe I wanna ask if there is a set amount of time I should wait after unplugging my Wii before it's safe to start slicing up the motherboard or can I just unplug it and get to cutting.
  10. SopaRIP

    Question Help after trimming.

    Hello everyone just got all the tools and boards to start my ps2 portable, the thing is that just for troubleshooting tried trimming the 2nd usb port and removing the digital output of the board. Now it does not show anything on the screen, but the board powers on just fine. Did i just killed...
  11. Omar Elsayed

    Question I never used portablizemii before, but can it still run discs?

    Also, is there a way to trim the Wii disc drive smaller and relocate it once the wii motherboard is trimmed?
  12. Omar Elsayed

    Question Trimming a gamecube disc drive/ connecting a gamecube disc drive to a wii

    Hello, I'm new to making portables and would like to make a portable gamecube (Using a Wii motherboard). I plan to use the SD slot for the wii to load games, but i also want the satisfaction and option of inserting a real gamecube disc. Is it possible for me to connect a gamecube disc drive to a...
  13. Question Wii portable battery and other questions (beginner)

    Hello guys, I am currently planning on building my first Wii portable with a MB trim. After hours of research in the forums I began to make a list of parts to buy. I don't want to waste money by buying parts that won't work toghether, therefore I wanted to ask a couple questions before buying...
  14. Wesk

    Release Noob Cube - Mini Gamecube for first timers

    So this is my first Wii trim and case design. I figured i'd start out with a rather simple mod before moving on to a portable. THE GOAL: To create a case that is simple to print and assemble. To reuse a decent amount of Wii components and screws. Small enough to be cute but retain...
  15. Blitz4597

    Trimmed wii board

    Anyone willing to sell a trimmed board? If so pm me!
  16. ComradeNull

    Question WiiMote Trim Troubleshooting

    Hello All I am currently working on a WiiMote trim for being embedded inside of a GameCube controller with a GameCube -> ClassicController adapter embedded as well as to make the GameCube controller wireless. Currently, I have trimmed off half of the WiiMote board and I am using a 5V to 3.3V...
  17. MrPresident

    Solved Can't get a 4 layer board to boot. This time I have everything (I think)

    Hey everyone, here I am again. This time I tried to do everything there was to do. I bought and wired the PTH08080, checked voltages and trimmer a bit out the lines. When I power it up the screen is black and it's like it's resetting every half a second. The only thing I didn't try is to adjust...
  18. ruumoo

    Discussion Wii custom motherboard PCB

    I started my Portable Wii project about a year ago and managed to do the OMGWTF-trim successfully, but I never finished the project. Now I was thinking of reviving the project and today on the bus, I got to think , if it could be possible to design a custom motherboard and transplant the...
  19. MrPresident

    Question Can't get to boot 6-layer board

    Hi everyone, after I broke my only 4 layer board, I decided to go forward and trim a 6 layer one. After testing that everything was working with the regulators and installing PortablizeMii, I decided to trim it. And to my surprise, it was working. But after working for 2 times, it died. The CPU...
  20. Nold

    Board scan Wii RVK-01 Compendium [Libre-/GIMP-/XCF-Edition]

    Hi, I hope it's ok if I post this here, but since a few people (like me) don't want/can use Paint.Net, here is the latest version of the Wii-Compendium, converted to .XCF (GiMP Project). It can also be opened with Krita & likely many more! Download (Full / Resized)...