Board scan Wii RVK-01 Compendium [Libre-/GIMP-/XCF-Edition]


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Jul 16, 2017
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I hope it's ok if I post this here, but since a few people (like me) don't want/can use Paint.Net, here is the latest version of the Wii-Compendium, converted to .XCF (GiMP Project).

It can also be opened with Krita & likely many more!

Download (Full / Resized):

Source / Paint.Net-Version:

The basic premise is to use a sanded motherboard that has been scanned into high res images to figure out where everything on the motherboard goes. This allows us to (almost) completely understand the Wii from a hardware perspective, so that we can trim it as much as we want and have a visual reference to rewire it without any mistakes.

As a whole, it will eventually be released to the public as a completed entity. We will also be formatting and releasing the information within as a series of individual guides, to simplify things.

For now though, as everyone currently working on it is on BitBuilt; we'll keep a changelog here in this thread so we know who's doing what, and to keep a log of what's getting done when.


Shank - massive amounts of time and labor put into expanding the compendium. He's done a bit of everything and a lot of everything. Knows more about the Wii than the average bear.

Bentomo - the man behind the sandpaper. Sanded the first motherboard down to the internal layer(!) and scanned them in. Has developed the ability to sand full motherboards in one swipe.

Gman - has taken the compendium and run with it; enacting the first trims and tests and growing the information within. Will likely fit the motherboard inside an Altoids tin at this rate.

ShockSlayer - set up the dropbox, .pdn files, layer infrastructure, color keys, scan alignments, and got everyone together. Puts out a lot of effort to play Melee a specific way.

(if I forgot anyone or anything lemme know)
Note: All credits belong to the creators of the compendium, I just did a file-type conversion.