n64 portable

  1. HackerBilly

    Worklog HackerBilly's IceBlue 64

    Well I finally trimmed and got a board to boot for an N64 so I figured might as well enter the competition and make a forum post. Specs: N64 with Expansion Pack 3.5" composite screen Horipad Retrobit remake controller Uamp Audio 3d Printed case(Transparent Ice Blue) This is a basic layout on...
  2. Aaron Miller

    Question Would this N64 board work for a portable?

    I would like to do a N64 portable sometime once I get more experience. Until then, I have been looking around, and I was wondering about this board. It is listed as a refurb kit, which is why I wasn’t sure. If this one does work, is this a good price?
  3. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog GameBoy 64! V2.0

    Hello everyone, This worklog is about the GameBoy 64 Worklog. Based on the feedback i received, i had to change few things as well as some small problems that were bugging me, here are the changes: 1- I tweaked the design because of the feedback i received. 2- The case finishing is the reason...
  4. Fatguy1993

    Worklog First portable N64 “help”

    hello I used the modded bacteria instructions to make my portable and I just went right into without checking my cartridge location test and now I have no idea what to check for if it’s working or not I am not using a ps screen even though it would be easier , I’m using a fan , second party...
  5. Koksi_90

    Worklog PK 64

    I would like to introduce you today a second N64 portable (the first was so awful that I would not put it here: D) It was my first 3d drawing and first 3d print I just bought a 3d printer (Prusa MK3). Now the portablize addiction has grabbed me and I'm just at the WII This Forum is so awesome...
  6. TheGreenPowerRanger

    Worklog "First" Portable - The Nintendo Switchty Four (Name WIP)

    Hello guys and gals, I'm TheGreenPowerRanger though you can refer to me as green for convenience sake. Even though I have been following the portabilizing scene for 5 years I am just now getting the confidence to make a true, full blown attempt at a portable so go easy on me pls. I have had a...
  7. TheGreenPowerRanger

    Considering starting a n64 portable. Have a few questions and concerns.

    Ive always wanted to own an actual portable n64 and Its been a 5+ year dream of mine to build my own. With that said I never started it because I was afraid I would kill something but I realize I’ll never achieve my goal if I dont start. I have been slowly acquiring parts for cheap and think im...
  8. VOS MOD

    Worklog VOS MOD's Second N64 Portable - The "N64C"

    Hey all! After having so much fun making my first Nintendo 64 portable, which can be found at: https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/my-first-portable-nintendo-64-the-n64-2go.1811/#post-23242 , I am already planning my second one. This new portable will feature a vacuum formed plastic...