Worklog "First" Portable - The Nintendo Switchty Four (Name WIP)

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    Hello guys and gals, I'm TheGreenPowerRanger though you can refer to me as green for convenience sake. Even though I have been following the portabilizing scene for 5 years I am just now getting the confidence to make a true, full blown attempt at a portable so go easy on me pls. I have had a prior attempt at making a portable gamecube but I didn't understand electricity so I hooked up a gamecube to a car battery to see what it would do. It never booted again... :( I have also made a few Pi zero portables in the past which you can see below:

    With all that backstory bs covered lets get on to why I am writing this. I am making this post to get feedback on my upcoming portable n64. As it currently stands I have dubbed it "The Nintendo Switchty Four" for its switch like appearance but I am not 100 percent set on the name. This portable is composed of just random bits and bobs I had around my room so some components may not make sense but I would rather use them than let them sit. As it stands my plan is to use:
    • An untrimmed n64 board (the board isn't much bigger than the screen I am using so I currently don't see any reason to trim. Feel free to change my mind)
    • 7 inch portable screen with built in speakers that I bought off of gc64 (This screen in particular)
    • A official n64 controller
    • 2 18650x2 holders
    • 4 18650 batteries
    • The red charging board that seems common around here
    • A gc styled n64 thumbstick (Open to suggestions, I am afraid the thumbsticks assembly will be too tall for my shell. Ideally I would like to have a joystick that doesn't need a dome shape around it like the xbox 360 so I can preserve the switch aesthetic)

    I currently have two different iterations for the front half which I would like to get feedback on. I showed Noah the iteration with the c buttons on top and he mentioned I might want to put the a-b buttons on top since they are more commonly used. What is everyone elses opinion?
    ver 1.PNG ver 2.PNG
    And as for the butt of the portable:
    bottom of n64.PNG
    The two rectangular cutouts are where I plan on having the doors to the 18650 holders so if after a few years they start to get super light on play time I can just open er up and replace them bad boys. As you can probably tell the portable will not be a tiny boy but this is my first portable of hopefully many so I am not stressing out too much. The current dimensions are 10.6 inches long by 5 inches tall which is close enough to the switches size that I am satisfied (Nintendo's tech specs for the switch+joycons puts it at 9.4 inches long by 4 inches tall)

    My goals for the portable/assembly process are as follows:
    • Come out with a functioning n64 (pls)
    • Have a breakout box with atleast 2 controllers, hopefully 4
    • Av out function so it is still able to play party games
    • Not cry because I failed
    • Make friens with u guys
    • Get the confidence to eventually move on to a wii portable as well as a ps2 portable

    I think that's it. I am super eager yet very nervous to hear back from you guys. It feels super scary putting myself out there in front of the people I have idolized over the past 5 years. Thanks for reading my long, rambling post.

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    Constant Fear
    sin^2(x) + cos^2(x) +e^(i*pi)
    You never fail if you always continue.
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    Looks sweet so far! I prefer the button layout being as close to the original as possible but that's just like my opinion man.
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