1. Rararagi

    Worklog Atomic Gary [Handheld PC]

    The idea for this project is to have a flexible device with good battery life and capable of playing fighting games using a button layout based on the Sega Saturn + analog controller, but which also allows other games. The desired look for the console is something close to the look of Anbernic's...
  2. JMCD

    Question Software choices

    Whilst trawling the net I noticed that nearly all raspberry pi handhelds are running retropie. Is there a reason retropie is so dominant on these? I recently switched my minipc over to batocera and love it. It is more "locked down" than retropie but after trying it on my pi, I find it maybe...
  3. JMCD

    Worklog Wii-Pi

    Hello everyone I thought I'd start the ball rolling on my worklog, I have been lurking for a while reading and pestering @LCandell via PM occasionally :) I came here by chance when I found the old family Wii in a cupboard (was jailbroken waaaaay back using an exploit on a certain gamedisc when...
  4. MJMT

    Worklog "Clambone" SNESPI Handheld Clamshell

    I'd like to start by saying that I don't have much expertise in this stuff so I wouldn't mind a lot of help. The idea is to use the existing SNES PI bottom print with a modified SNES controller top scan with hinges added. A screen will mount on the hinges. I used some pre-existing models to "kit...
  5. tomvdcr

    Worklog Pokedex DS

    first time posting here, so might aswell post my most eye catching handheld. which is this Jakks Pokedex toy that has been trimmed on the inside and has a ds lite fitted inside and it fits just perfectly. its fully functional just like a normal ds lite. I have reused the original dpad but for...
  6. Stretch

    Question PS Vita Mod - Screen help

    Hi, I was looking to try my first handheld mod by repurposing a PS Vita I have laying around. I was going to try my hand at designing a PCB with some features I need along with using a Compute Module 4 as the brains of it all. While doing some initial research I saw that the front panel and...
  7. Frogfreak

    Question Where do i solder on GC motherboard?

    I'm sure these questions have been answered many times before. but i'm planning on making a handheld Gamecube, so obviously i need to solder some extras onto the motherboard. So i was wondering, what and where do i need to solder for connecting a Battery, and a screen (specifically a Wii-u...
  8. Tech Flare

    Question Mini USB soldering directly to Raspberry Pi USB not working

    Hey guys, idk if this is the right place to be asking about this, but I am making a handheld Raspberry Pi retro game console, and I made a custom controller with a Teensy++ 2.0. This board uses a Mini USB cable to interface with the Raspberry Pi. I wanted to solder it directly to the Pi's USB...
  9. Tech Flare

    Raspberry Pi Handheld Audio Help

    Hey guys, so I am making a handheld (sheck out my worklog here), and I am trying to figure out what I should do for audio. My plan is to have a 3.5mm audio out so I can plug in headphones, but I also want to have speakers as well. The screen i'm using (link here) already has an audio amplifier...
  10. Talhaman

    Worklog I finally did it (My first PS2 Portable)

    Hello everyone, I wanted to share my PS2 Portable built which i started back September 2020. On the 27th Sep. 2020 I opened a thread which startet this project So what did i do? Let's see: The Case: So i am a lucky and proud owner of a 3D printer and rudimentary CAD skills. I designed the...
  11. PoposPizza

    PS4 Portable?

    Now, I know that this is for "OLD" consoles, but I don't know if this is classified as old. I am planning to make a portable console of some kind, I was going back and forth between ps2 and wii, but then I sold my ps2, so I though I was going to make a wii portable, so I was researching the...
  12. Dango

    Discussion Gameboy Advance SP with Raspberry Pi 0

    I don't know where else to post this so I guess i'll put it here. This is my first electronics project and i'm super proud of how it came out. Big thank you to gameboypi for putting all the info up on GitHub and helping me when I got stuck!
  13. KamenSqwirl

    Question "GameGirl" GameBoy Color Screen Protector

    Hi all, So, I'm looking into modding (just a shell and button replacement) a GBC to give to my niece. And I wanted to make it a 'GameGirl', rather than a Gameboy. Of course, I cant find a mockup at the moment (I'll post one in an edit when I find it), but basically, I need to find a GBC screen...
  14. ruumoo

    Worklog Wii motherboard interface PCB / WII Portable (still unnamed)

    The Goal of this project is to create a custom PCB that holds all the neccesary comopnents, you need for a wii portable, as well as having a large cutout in the center to place a trimmed motherboard and have convenient solderpads in the right place to connect to the mobo via some hookup wires...
  15. Styrac

    Question USB Game Controller Help

    The shortest amount of background I can manage: I'm trying to make something à la this. I want to start with a raspberry pi based system and upgrade at some point to the m5 intel compute stick. I plan to replace the wii u gamepad controls (as much as i love them they are massive) and replace...
  16. Madmorda

    The Gearshift Contest Entry

    The Gearshift is meant to be a universal portable, allowing you to play just about any console on a handheld. It uses a wireless AV transmitter and receiver pair to send audio and composite video to the handheld from a home console. It features an integrated wireless ps2 controller and 5 inch...
  17. nobble

    Nobble's Pikaboy SP: Pokemon-themed RetroPie console in a GBA SP shell.

    I have been putting off my WiiP for a few days and felt bad about my laziness. After I had been laying in bed night after night, restless, knowing that my project was watching me from the corner of the room, I hid it away and thought about my life decisions. So I decided to go on a diet of...
  18. Is anyone selling a portable wii?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you have a handheld (not laptop) wii for sale. If so, could you let me know what is features and your asking price? Thanks
  19. nobble

    ATTINY85 2" OLED Handheld Video Game

    This project uses an Attiny 85 microcontroller and a small OLED screen powered buy a tiny LiPo battery. The result is a device less than 2 inches tall. Can be charged via micro USB within 15 minutes, battery lasts days...
  20. BocuD

    Worklog The Nintendo Swiitch - BocuD's first Wii portable

    Hey everyone, here i will be posting all of my shitty work on my duct taped together Wii Portable.