1. Omar Elsayed

    Question Can you guys check my materials for making a wii portable?

    GC+ and dual tact mod - bitbuilt store Mini PAM8803 audio amp board - here I want to be able to somehow use a poteniometer on the amp board (Any guides on this?), this is what I want to use - GBA 5-pin potentiometer WiiU gamepad speakers - here 4-pin headphone jacks - here. Should I use 3-pin...
  2. Question Switch type of video output

    Hey, the screen I am using for my trimmed Wii just has a composite input but I would love to have an HDMI output port on my console as well. In contrast, the Wii2HDMI adapter needs component output which I get if I would bridge the 3.3v and mode pins. Is it possible to get both output types at...
  3. Blitz4597

    Question Video board help

    I'm using this screen for my portable wii: 5’’ Inch TFT LCD Car Color Rear... Which this is the first time ive ever done this, but im trying to figure out where i need to solder the magnet wires from here: to somewhere on this...
  4. Ekterm

    Question Video signal capacitors

    Those big capacitors along the side of the GPU that the video signals pass through, can you do without them? I see them left on the standard trim but not on other trims.
  5. Koksi_90

    Solved WII VGA

    Hello Community. You can now use the VGA Mod Patch from @Aurelio
  6. Fruity_Grebbles

    Wii Video Quality Scaler

    What solutions exist for improving the video output quality of the Wii?
  7. Tech Flare

    Question AV Trouble

    Okay so I’m on my second Wii now (I accidentally fried my first one), and I’ve run into some trouble. I opted not to trim my Wii because I’m not very experienced with that type of stuff. So on to the problem: I soldered the “ground” and “composite” wires from the Wii to the “AV2” and “ground”...
  8. Tech Flare

    Question Video Relocation help

    okay, so I've been following along with the wii trimming guide (except for the trimming part), but when I tried soldering the video wires straight to the wii motherboard there was no video output. The screen didn't even recieve a signal! Here are some pictures (above)