1. CalebPikmin

    N64 boards for cheap

    Any suggestions on buying N64 boards for cheap? Trying to find online and local but the cheapest I could find was 60 dollars. Seems a little steep but what do you guys/gals think?
  2. CalebPikmin

    Worklog "Tool64" my first Portable ever!!!

    Hey guys, this is going to be my first portable and I am super new and probably will end up hurting myself and the parts I use. My case will be made up of two different sides of a two screwdriver set cases (hence the name, ",Tool64"). I love the color of the green so if it doesn't work with the...
  3. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog The Color 64!

    Hello, Welcome to the color 64! Since many have already made worklogs, thought I'd chip mine as well even though it's still in the designing phase. The color 64 will be something like a gameboy color, however, the cartridge will be inserted from below. Yup, no everdrive 64 this time! Here are...
  4. Chris White

    The Modular N64

    Hi guys, i made this 2 years ago but long story short, here it is ;) : I had this idea to create something that can be easy improved, without the need to redesign the whole thing so the modular n64 was born, it has removable joysticks (they can be changed, can accept later functions, can share...
  5. Wesk

    Guide NUS-RMC-10 Expansion Pak variant pinout

    There is a very slight difference with the NUS-RMC-10 expansion pak found in PAL regions. This variant although listing 36 pins only has 35, Pin 1 does not exist. Black = Ground Yellow = Common component connection Cyan = NC Red = Common Connection This data was put together using...
  6. HackerBilly

    Worklog HackerBilly's IceBlue 64

    Well I finally trimmed and got a board to boot for an N64 so I figured might as well enter the competition and make a forum post. Specs: N64 with Expansion Pack 3.5" composite screen Horipad Retrobit remake controller Uamp Audio 3d Printed case(Transparent Ice Blue) This is a basic layout on...
  7. printsmith3d

    Discussion N64 Controller CNT-NUS required components

    I've been working on designing my own PCB for an N64 controller for a little bit now, similar idea to the famous RDC chip that Downing uses in his portables. I know there is an N64+ controller chip coming soon thanks to the great work of some of the folks on these forums, but I'm using this as...
  8. br3compactor

    Commission - Custom console WI64?

    Hello! I've been looking for a console modder to comission for a custom console. The vague concept: Basically a trimmed Wii + trimmed N64. Why: The Wii can run most older consoles well with emulation, however the N64 emulation is still struggling. Considering that me and my friends still play...
  9. MomSpaghetti

    GameBoy 64! V2.0

    Hello, Here's my newest Nintendo 64 portable, an improved version of the last GameBoy64 based on the feedback i received. Specs: Nintendo 64 REV 04 2x 18650 panasonic 3400mAh (2:30 to 3 hours of gameplay). 5" LCD TFT screen.(Composite signal). 1st party N64 controller with Gamecube-Style...
  10. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog GameBoy 64! V2.0

    Hello everyone, This worklog is about the GameBoy 64 Worklog. Based on the feedback i received, i had to change few things as well as some small problems that were bugging me, here are the changes: 1- I tweaked the design because of the feedback i received. 2- The case finishing is the reason...
  11. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog GameBoy 64!

    Hey! Welcome to my 1st(Successful) portable Nintendo 64 Console called the Gameboy 64! It was named like that because of how it's handled like a gameboy advance! I worked on this unit for 3-4 weeks to finish including the case design and everything, but didn't want to post a worklog until i...
  12. MomSpaghetti

    Solved PAM8803

    Hello everyone, I've been making a n64 portable lately and im in the stage of pre-trim, I have a problem of no audio. i made a picture using paint below, I'm using the PAM8803 mini Class D amp. with 2x 8Ohm speakers. Are my connections right? Or is it the fact that the 8Ohm speakers are...
  13. Question Power suggestion for the 5” ZJ050NA-08C?

    I’m building an N64 portable and have been researching/collecting parts for the build based on the BOM and various threads posted here. For video, I’ve settled on the 5” ZJ050NA-08C using the KYV-N2 V6 driver board. Before I order the display I wanted to confirm it will work with my power plan...
  14. Gigabyte66

    Worklog My First Portable: The Nintendo 60C0r3

    So, I am starting to make my first portable called the Nintendo 60C0r3. (name (not???) final) My materials are: N64 (duh) Padarsey 5 Inch LCD Screen Magnet Wire (What specific wire do I need for system/batteries/charging jack? And is speaker wire too overkill?) 480p(?) Graphics Perfect Input...
  15. KamenSqwirl

    Worklog The Beginning: a.k.a. I dont know how to solder

    So I started work on my N64P (yet to be named). Its been slow going, but I'm making a bit of progress each day. I've ordered/found (most of) my parts and so far I've only broken down the board. In the pic, I've marked (a tiny bit of) where I'm going to cut. But I want to get the cart relocation...
  16. TrueSonic45

    N64 Console Clones are now a thing. Ultra Retron by Hyperkin.

    Article: https://mspoweruser.com/hyperkins-ultra-retron-is-a-nintendo-64-for-modern-tvs/ Teaser video: MVG thoughts: So, from what we already know, is that it isn't using a hybrid of software and original hardware, but instead going full emulator with the Mupen64Plus Next Core. NOAC's have...
  17. Luis Mendonça

    Question Is this a NTSC conversion?

    Hi all! This is my first attempt on building a N64 portable, I just got the console I bought from an Ebay like site in my country. When I opened it, I noticed this very hideous soldered board to the main metal plate, and since this is my very first time opening a N64, I couldn't stop but wonder...
  18. KamenSqwirl

    Question Touch Screens without 'Touch'?

    Hihi everyone, So, Im designing my portable 64 and doing my research as I go. Ive picked a screen that I want to order, so that's covered. However... I have a Coby Kyros tablet just wasting away over here... so I have a couple questions. 1)Can I use its screen theoretically? 2)Is it ok to use...
  19. nobble

    Release The NintenDOOM64 "Dedicated Console"

    I did a thing.. Need to go to barcade, will update later. >:)
  20. Ibprofen98

    Worklog The Cereal 64

    For my first post here I am going to post some pictures and the super cringey video of my first portable system that I built way back in 2015 but was STARTED in 2011. I had absolutely no idea what it was I had gotten myself into, and so eventually, after I grew up a bit and took a break, i got...