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Feb 25, 2019
I'm starting to make a portable Wii.
I've installed "PortableizeMii" on my Wii and all that.
Now before I do anything else, I want to make an order on eBay and other sites for the parts that I need. (Because of the long shipping time). I don't know what it takes to make one, so I don't know all the parts that go inside a portable Wii. That's where I need you help.

Here are the fonctions that I want my PWii to have:
-Headphone jack
-On and off button
-Light for charged and need charging

I have most of these, but I don't know what board or type to get.

Like, what do I need for buttons? What company makes boards to solder the buttons on.
Or, what are the parts that I need?

Here are the parts that I have:
-5" screen
-Buttons for GameCube and 3DS
-Wii motherboard
-Soldering station/kit/rod thingy
-Lithium Ion batteries (the green chargeble ones)
Please tell me ALL of the parts that I need, I haven't seen anyone put all their parts and I don't know where to start.

If you have a part link from a website, please put it in with what part it goes for.
And please, make sure it ships to Canada.
Jan 6, 2019
if you have buttons and 3ds sliders, get a GC+, it emulates a gamecube controller and is very small, join the discord and ask there, if you look at others portables, they have many parts that they show. portablizing a wii is very challenging, so if you don't have soldering skills you may want to start elsewhere. There isn't a definitive combination of parts for these, they are custom. I will link you to some helpful threads: Definitive trimming guide Exhaustive trimming guide Wii mobo anatomy Battery guide Book of materials soldering station also look through the guide hub
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