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  1. Mc moron mods

    Ghosts the shiild concept (discontinued)

    Hello, I am currently working on my own portable Wii call the Shiild what is basically a Wii put into the Nvidia shield handheld so I’m just gonna upload the concept art of it This is a concept of when it’s open and it’s basically the Nvidia shields parts besides like the actual boards and...
  2. Tech Flare

    Worklog Attempting to put a Wii in a Wii U Gamepad

    I've been wanting to do this project for a long time, but have never had the time or money to do it until now. I've seen a number of people put Raspberry Pis into a Wii U Gamepad, but I have only found two examples of someone putting a Wii into a Wii U Gamepad (You can check out the posts here...
  3. penguin

    Worklog First Portable name tbc

    Hi, This post is just to document where I am up to and hopefully motivate to complete this project. Just got an OMGWTF trim working this weekend WOOOOP:) Photos Cut with a multitool sanded with 120 grit sandpaper, then a high grit chisel sharpening block, edges of the Wii came out really...
  4. benefits8516

    Question What 3D software should I use?

    which 3D printing software should I use? I don’t know which one would be a good one to design for my wii portable. Any suggestions? (Edited)
  5. benefits8516

    Question Can you think of anyways of lowering the costs of building a portable wii?

    can you think of anyways of lowering the costs of building a portable wii? I would like to make it as cheap as possible. I would really appreciate a reply.
  6. benefits8516

    Question How easily would I be able to sell a wii portable?

    I would like to build and sell a Wii portable. However I don’t know if people would buy it, I don’t want to spend €550 and not be able to sell it. So can you sell a wii portable easily? Also I live in Europe so it would have to be in the eu.
  7. benefits8516

    Question Are there a lot of people wanting to buy a portable wii in Europe?

    Is there a market for portable wiis in Europe? I would really like to know cuz I would like to sell a portble wii, but i don't know if it would sell. Do any of you know the answer to this? I would really appreciate the help.
  8. benefits8516

    Question What fan should I use?

    What fan is best to use for wii portables?
  9. benefits8516

    Question Where can I get a 4 layer wii?

    I would like to make a Wii portable however I don’t know where to buy a 4 layer wii. I live in the EU so I won’t be able to buy from many sources, do you know any places where I can get a 4 layer wii in Europe? I would really like to know.
  10. Topper348

    Worklog Topper's Ashida Build

    Hello, I've found this website to be very interesting and I enjoy all the ideas and ingenuity, so I decided to post a worklog of my Ashida build to share yet another build and, of course, have the ability to ask questions and get advice from the more experienced people here. I first saw the...
  11. GlitchedFolx

    Question Building a wii portable

    Hey Everyone. Hope you are all having a great day. I was wondering if someone would be able to point me in the right direction of making a portable. I am new to the hard-modding scene and would like so assistance. I am very skeptical about just diving head first into it because I don't want to...
  12. Worklog My first wii portable

    So, this is my first wii portable, and I want to document the entire progress. I've relocated the u10 and bluetooth, and in a couple of hours, the dremel I ordered should arrive. I also ordered 4 PTH08080's from China, I should only need 3 though because I am planning to use a powerbank circuit...
  13. Gi0V1Z

    Worklog The DWii

    Hello BitBuilt!!! This is my fist project, the DWii, it will have: -7” TFT display (wired with VGA) -Bluetooth -Wi-Fi -MX chip -PMSv2-lite -USB-C PD PCB -U-AMP -GC+ 2.0 -2x LRA vibration motors 2V -4x INR18650-35E 3500mAh 10A 1-35W I had troubles with my first trim, so I asked for help in the...
  14. Benge

    Worklog O-Wii V2

    I'm starting this topic to share my progress and improvements to the O-Wii, the goal is to have a V2 that can be made quite easily by other people and I possibly sell a few copies. It's been a long time that I haven't tried again to make my custom NDS button with GC+ 2.0 PCB work. After a lot...
  15. Slaalschop

    Worklog First Portable Wii

    Hey all, recently my school schedule opened up nice so I'm going to try to make a portable wii to keep myself busy. I'm not super concerned about most of the details at the moment, right now I'm looking into making a functional trimmed motherboard to start. Once I get that working I'll move on...
  16. Benge

    Worklog O-Wii First benge portable wii

    Hello everyone, I'm new on this awesome forum and after a month of research and walking into BitBuilt I start this thread for share my first portable console the O-WII ! The goal is to make a nice thin and clean portable WII. 1 - the choice of custom power supply : For that I have first see the...
  17. Question First Portable - Recommended tools?

    Hi all, Im a novice at soldering: soldered laptop hard drive connectors on motherboards, replaced LEDs in TVs, and capacitors in PCs. I just know the basics. I have never had luck finding a good soldering iron for precision soldering. I recently moved to Japan and thought I would try to...
  18. citrus3301

    Question How to start

    I've recently been inspired to try and make a Wii portable, however, all my knowledge is software side and I have no idea where to even begin to make a portable. I have been told that I need a lot of practice to make one, but I am not sure what "practice" entails. If anyone could show me how to...
  19. Question Wii portable battery and other questions (beginner)

    Hello guys, I am currently planning on building my first Wii portable with a MB trim. After hours of research in the forums I began to make a list of parts to buy. I don't want to waste money by buying parts that won't work toghether, therefore I wanted to ask a couple questions before buying...
  20. Danielle

    Discussion Screens?!?

    I have been looking for many screens that fit the 5v ratio for my portable Wii, but.... The screen I have in mind fits the 480p resolution, but the voltage is always 12v None of them at at least 4inches! Also, I read about using RasberryPi screens. So I won't use them. Or is there a way to...