1. Dave Mackintosh

    Worklog PS2WP

    I've spent a few months (most of this year I guess) lurking and asking questions here and now it's time to start my first worklog! I've always loved the Sony consoles (PS1 and PS2 at least) and a quick Google search at the beginning of the year for "portable PS2" lead me to this site and...
  2. Davuld86

    Worklog The Smash-box Odyssey: Davuld86's First Wiip

    Hey all, long time lurker here. I've been on this site long enough to see a bunch of work logs, read almost every guide, and even post a few memes.:D After all of this, I now think I'm ready to start making my Wii portable and have a work log of the wild ride that is going to be my build...
  3. Geliot0406

    [worklog] GalaxyBoy - My GameBoyZero Build

    After lurking around in a lot of pi projects forums, I found out about the GBZ, I didnt like it that much at first, But then I fell in love with it. The reason? I dunno, i just did. I decided to make my own build, but not an exact copy. So this will be my first experience with anything related...
  4. DeoNaught


    HI, i am going to make a PI zero from the bottom half of a Dslite. Features: 2.8" screen (Touch) Teensy (For controlls) Powerboost 500cc Raspberry pi Zero W(ireless) USB Audio, and PMW audio i want to try to use the Ds cartridge (Female) and make it so it will accept Micro Sd cards, like...
  5. Geliot0406

    DsPiZero (On Hold for another project)

    Yo! I have been absent from the forums for almost 4 months, and I am getting back in business baby!.. kinda. I have said this already, but I have zero experience. (See what I did there? Zero? Pi Zero? Ha! Ill go jump off a bridge now) So, I decided to start simple, no Wii portable (Ill get into...
  6. Ikeprodigy

    Worklog The IkeprodigWii

    Ok... due to a sudden boost in morale (and boredom) I've decided to put together a little worklog. I must warn you, however, since my money is really tight right now and since it's the end of the school year for me, this worklog is going to be very slow. With that being said, I'm not sure if I'm...
  7. pipbug

    Worklog Thetacube - Wii Portable

    Hey guys, here's my worklog for my Wii portable (contest entry)! I'll be calling it the "Thetacube", has a nice ring to it, no? I've ordered everything I need to build a working portable, minus the battery stuff (will be running off external power until I get that ball rolling). Not trimming...
  8. Worklog Wii Book

    the specs of the book 10.1 inch lcd battery pack internal usb hdd more coming soon :P (Log 1 )Wii LAPTOP EARLY PROOF OF CONCEPT 4K (nothing is broken yet hahahahahahahaha) more pictures and logs coming soon :)