1. Okiguess

    Question help me plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

    i want to relocate the bluetooth and wifi but i am a beginner. any tips or is there a video on how to relocate the modules (prefered solution)
  2. IhYpGc

    Guide 6 layer Wifi and SD relocation points

    As I'm a newbie with trimming in general I though it be best to research and get a good grasp on the soldering/relocation points. Seeing as I couldn't find any easily find any posts on relocation points for 6 layer Wi-Fi, I stared at my board until I found some (I did continuity tests of...
  3. guyman70718

    Guide SD card relocation on 6 layer Wii

    My Wii needed to boot into bootmii after trimming so I am posting the sd card relocation points here for anyone in the future that needs or wants to relocate SD. This is a CPU-01 board but I would think the points are the same on other 6 layer Wiis. I used the same color guide as the 4 layer...
  4. DonutCat448

    Solved Relocating/Trimming 6-layer Documentation

    Hello, community. I have begun preparing my RVL-CPU-01 Wii motherboard for relocation and trimming, but I cannot find video/photo documentation showing what a successful 6-layer OM6 trim and Bluetooth/U10 relocation should look like. I've checked out both 'The Definitive Wii Trimming Guide' as...
  5. Scrunch

    Question Bluetooth & PortablizeMii

    Heyo, I was wonder what the deal is with Bluetooth relocation, as I would like to play Wii games on my first portable. But the Bluetooth relocation seems redundant if you could hypothetically insert a USB Bluetooth adapter and connect a Wii remote? Same goes for wifi... The only reason I don't...
  6. Hecmac

    Worklog Gameboy Lite Build

    I've wanted to shove a DS into a Gameboy for ages so I decided I might as well just do it. For planned features it's gonna have: Large battery, either 8000 or 12000mah Fast charging with USB c compatibility USB out to charge other devices Leds and El lighting, sound reactive and maybe RGB...
  7. FallenLogic

    Question Broken U10

    I have desoldered U9 (after my attempts at desoldering U10 were unsuccessful), but one of the legs broke off (on the side with two legs). Is it worth trying to solder to the point where the leg broke off from, or should I move on to taking the U10 off another Wii motherboard? Basically - Is a...
  8. Beater Sword

    Question AVE and LDO relocation

    (I try to search through the forums before I ask questions.) 1.) I want to attempt the AVE relocation but I can't find if someone has done a guide. Also if it;s to do untrimmed with the another AVE still attached. 2.) As far as I know the LDO I bridge pins 1-2 for 3.3v, 3...
  9. NordFive

    Question U10

    Hey so I took a shot at relocating my U10, and I already ran into some problems. First I couldn’t get the solder to bridge on the U10, and then when I did, I couldn’t manage to get the chip off. Fast forward a few attempts and I’m not actually sure if my U10 is working anymore? Is there any...
  10. samzelf

    Solved No video signal after u10 relocation

    Hello, I am working on an uncut Wii CPU-020 board. After I did the relocation for the second time, I still get the same problem. So, I removed U10 and later U9, all other steps exactly like the trimming guide suggests. Pads 4 and 5 are also short on both transistor spots like this thread...
  11. Nold

    Worklog Road to OMEGA [Smexy-/Meme-/Pic-heavy as f***]

    The discord addicted should already have seen a lot of those pics, but i wanted to share them for all ppl on BB :) Also i think it's the best i can do for celebrating my one-hundreds post in this community! Warning: Some of the shown mods are still in a Proof-Of-Concept, so don't try this at...
  12. Tech Flare

    Question Video Relocation help

    okay, so I've been following along with the wii trimming guide (except for the trimming part), but when I tried soldering the video wires straight to the wii motherboard there was no video output. The screen didn't even recieve a signal! Here are some pictures (above)
  13. Solved U10 Trace Cut

    Quick question. For the OM6 trim, does the trace still need to be cut before relocating the U10 transistor? The 6 layer expansion guide mentions that the relocation spot remains available and that only one via needs to be connected but doesn't mention anything about cutting the trace. I didn't...