1. Skedaddlez

    Question No video output on OMGWTF trimmed Wii with native VGA mod

    Hey Bitbuilt! I have been working on my portable Wii, trying to just confirm the trim is working and I can't seem to get any video output... I'll list the measurements I took below, along with photos. --------- Input to Regulators: 7.4V 1v line - 0.9949 1.15v line - 1.1168 3.3v line - 3.348...
  2. TheCorruptedBit

    SNES/SNESJR Trimming?

    Rather than buying a SupaBoy, I figured I'd make my own SNES portable, to learn the basics of trimming and CAD without worrying about the extreme complexity of later systems, and I feel the SNES fits right in the area of simple to understand yet fun to play. And here I hit a fork in the road - I...
  3. SopaRIP

    Question Help after trimming.

    Hello everyone just got all the tools and boards to start my ps2 portable, the thing is that just for troubleshooting tried trimming the 2nd usb port and removing the digital output of the board. Now it does not show anything on the screen, but the board powers on just fine. Did i just killed...
  4. Armoar334

    Question Wii with n2dsxl screen?

    Probably a noob question that I could find answers to but is it possible to wire a Wii to a n2dsxl screen? If not, are there any compatible 4.88" screens?
  5. Yeti Eggs

    Are G-Boys any good for Painting?

    I am completely new to this sort of stuff so sorry if this is a stupid question but later on in the year once I have acquired a bit of practice and have the money for it I am planning on buying a G-Boy kit. I was wondering if the 3d printed shell was any good for painting. I am planning on doing...
  6. megazeroex1

    Question Help designing a Wii Portable aka the Be Mii

    Hi! I was just wondering a few things about making a Wii portable. What type power sources do you use? If you can hook me up with the right type of batteries, that would be appreciated. Thanks for your help in advance!
  7. Jonut521

    Question GameCube Portable: Add Battery Voltage?

    Hello! So, I have this old pencil sharpener from when I was in high school that I'm trying to make into a portable GameCube. Believe me I know it's not a good idea in the slightest. I'm going for "lets see if we CAN do it," not "let's actually make this a practical game system." That's all fine...
  8. GBAGuy007

    Solved Modded Wii Questions

    There's a couple things about the Wii and Portablize Mii I just can't seem to find. Is there any, way, shape, or form of Bluetooth I can get in any way on the Wii for things like controllers, headphones etc. If you relocate the Wifi module and you enable Wifi on Portablize Mii will you be able...
  9. Scrunch

    Question Bluetooth & PortablizeMii

    Heyo, I was wonder what the deal is with Bluetooth relocation, as I would like to play Wii games on my first portable. But the Bluetooth relocation seems redundant if you could hypothetically insert a USB Bluetooth adapter and connect a Wii remote? Same goes for wifi... The only reason I don't...
  10. GBAGuy007

    Solved Battery life quote

    I know I've asked quite a bit of questions however, I was wondering about how much power a portable Wii would consume with a 5 inch (diagonally) screen with everything else usually in a portable like a Wii and fan etc.
  11. GBAGuy007

    Solved Best 3d Printing Software

    Hello, I'm 13 and never used 3d printing software. I'm looking for something free and accurate for my Wii Portable I know it's an ever changing world in 3d printing so l just had to ask which ones you guys would recommend.
  12. DeTree72

    Question Power Mii Lite

    I’ve been away for awhile, and saw the power mii lite and think it’s absolutely brilliant. Is there a time frame for when these might be available through the store?
  13. VOS MOD

    Question PAL to NTSC Motherboard Help...Please?

    Hi all, Haven't really been active on here in awhile but recently I've been working on a GameCube related project and ran into an issue, so I thought who would be better to help than the lovely BitBuilt community? Background: My project is to transplant the BIOS chips (the two MX chips) from a...
  14. notmichaelhill

    Question What are some quick and cost effective ways to get things 3D-Printed?

    So, I don't have access to a 3D Printer in my house, and there's nowhere to really get things 3D Printed locally, so I was wondering if there were any services online where I could send files to somebody and have them printed and shipped to me? Thanks.
  15. Legend

    Worklog *Question*chip sizes for case design

    Hey guys, after a lot of tinkering over time and rigorous research, im taking a crack at portables... ive done some shady things in the past like putting a screen in a wii (failed first project lol) and recently i stuck a screen in a ps2 cuz i was bored ... right now ive just been drawing up...
  16. KamenSqwirl

    Question Touch Screens without 'Touch'?

    Hihi everyone, So, Im designing my portable 64 and doing my research as I go. Ive picked a screen that I want to order, so that's covered. However... I have a Coby Kyros tablet just wasting away over here... so I have a couple questions. 1)Can I use its screen theoretically? 2)Is it ok to use...
  17. Wistarata

    Question Can't find a 7" component screen

    Hi, I'm planning on doing a portable wii, and I was making my BOM. But I searched all the fucking internet for a 7 inch ypbpr screen but the only screens I find are 150€ screens. If someone has a link please post it. Thanks
  18. 7inch screen with component?

    Does anyone know of a 7" screen with component that's easier to source than the L7009? I was going to buy one of those off of DealExtreme but when I checked the reviews for that site recently it seems like they've just been taking people's money and running with it.
  19. Beater Sword

    Question AVE and LDO relocation

    (I try to search through the forums before I ask questions.) 1.) I want to attempt the AVE relocation but I can't find if someone has done a guide. Also if it;s to do untrimmed with the another AVE still attached. 2.) As far as I know the LDO I bridge pins 1-2 for 3.3v, 3...
  20. Koksi_90

    Solved WII VGA

    Hello Community. You can now use the VGA Mod Patch from @Aurelio