1. Question Change time in RVLoader

    HI, I managed to get the RTC Chip working with it's little battery but the time isn't correct on the Wii. I didn't find any way to change the time while being in RVLoader. I know we can do it in the Wii System but I have no idea why, I'm getting a black screen when booting to the Wii main menu...
  2. PvtDerp

    Question Help with setting up Screen Control Buttons

    Hi all! I am currently drawing some schematics for a controller PCB. I would like to add screen control functionality with the buttons of the actual console, rather than having separate buttons to control the screen. How do I go about this? I am unsure of how to merge the 2 circuits together...
  3. Dozzi

    Ashida Wii Portable

    I have a question as I am currently planning everything out as a beginner to build the Ashida Wii Portable. I am wondering where to get the shell 3d printed for good quality and extra tools I may need besides the essentials. I have a $750 budget for everything (I'm willing to spend some more on...
  4. RVL PMS 2/Lite Re stock and Alternatives

    Hello Everyone! I'm hoping to attempt my first Wii portable and was looking on 4 layers to get all the parts. However, given that both PMS's are out of stock, what are my options?
  5. Okiguess

    Question Another idea

    Has anyone made a ps3 portable yet? I like it’s library of games like portal , crash bandicoot and stuff. I know about ps1 and 2 portables but just wondering.
  6. Skribl07

    Question Has anyone done a portable wii in the body of a DS or 3DS?

    I have been wondering about this for a while and finally decided to post something about it, from looking stuff up on Google and YouTube I couldn't find anything, if anyone has any information about this could you post it here. Thank You!
  7. watermwlon1732

    Question what do i need to buy to get started

    hi I'm new to making portables I'm typing this during class i just want to know what to buy to get started I'm trying to build a louii made by GingerOfOz I have the files he used to print the parts and i know where i can print them i have 2 Wiis one with bbloader installed and I want to know...
  8. Solved RVL PMS Ordering?

    I've been in the beginning stages of actually putting together a G-Wii for a couple months now. I couldn't get fan spin, and I think I likely messed up my PMS (there was a spark at one point and I think I may have shorted something with an accidental solder drip), and to add to that, I managed...
  9. when the

    Raspberry pi kit that requires soldering

    The title says most of it, looking online a lot of the major appeal of raspberry Pi kits is that no soldering is needed, but I got my first iron recently and was looking for a kit that needs soldering, or maybe some guides online on what I could do with a Pi that needs soldering, thanks!
  10. The Salty Memes

    Different PS2 slim models; which to use for an easy trimming?

    Hello everyone! my project at the current moment is shoving a PS2slim into a PSP2001. I was advised from others on the forum that I should look at the ps2 trimming guide provided here, and while it is very helpful, it made me raise more questions on which model I should use. So far, the models...
  11. BBLoader install

    Hello everyone! I am trying to get the ball rolling with my Gboy build and i am having difficulty with getting BBLoader installed. I followed the steps on the page to get it to show up in the homebrew channel with no luck. I formatted my usb drive to the correct format and nothing happened, what...
  12. SmatterBoy

    Question rvl pms grounding

    i was wondering if when using an RVL-PMS do you have to wire up every ground pad to the ground on the wii or are all the grounds connected to each other on the pms.
  13. Skedaddlez

    Question No video output on OMGWTF trimmed Wii with native VGA mod

    Hey Bitbuilt! I have been working on my portable Wii, trying to just confirm the trim is working and I can't seem to get any video output... I'll list the measurements I took below, along with photos. --------- Input to Regulators: 7.4V 1v line - 0.9949 1.15v line - 1.1168 3.3v line - 3.348...
  14. TheCorruptedBit

    SNES/SNESJR Trimming?

    Rather than buying a SupaBoy, I figured I'd make my own SNES portable, to learn the basics of trimming and CAD without worrying about the extreme complexity of later systems, and I feel the SNES fits right in the area of simple to understand yet fun to play. And here I hit a fork in the road - I...
  15. SopaRIP

    Question Help after trimming.

    Hello everyone just got all the tools and boards to start my ps2 portable, the thing is that just for troubleshooting tried trimming the 2nd usb port and removing the digital output of the board. Now it does not show anything on the screen, but the board powers on just fine. Did i just killed...
  16. Armoar334

    Question Wii with n2dsxl screen?

    Probably a noob question that I could find answers to but is it possible to wire a Wii to a n2dsxl screen? If not, are there any compatible 4.88" screens?
  17. Yeti Eggs

    Are G-Boys any good for Painting?

    I am completely new to this sort of stuff so sorry if this is a stupid question but later on in the year once I have acquired a bit of practice and have the money for it I am planning on buying a G-Boy kit. I was wondering if the 3d printed shell was any good for painting. I am planning on doing...
  18. megazeroex1

    Question Help designing a Wii Portable aka the Budii

    Hi! I was just wondering a few things about making a Wii portable. What type power sources do you use? If you can hook me up with the right type of batteries, that would be appreciated. Thanks for your help in advance!
  19. Jonut521

    Question GameCube Portable: Add Battery Voltage?

    Hello! So, I have this old pencil sharpener from when I was in high school that I'm trying to make into a portable GameCube. Believe me I know it's not a good idea in the slightest. I'm going for "lets see if we CAN do it," not "let's actually make this a practical game system." That's all fine...
  20. GBAGuy007

    Solved Modded Wii Questions

    There's a couple things about the Wii and Portablize Mii I just can't seem to find. Is there any, way, shape, or form of Bluetooth I can get in any way on the Wii for things like controllers, headphones etc. If you relocate the Wifi module and you enable Wifi on Portablize Mii will you be able...