1. MomSpaghetti

    Solved PAM8803

    Hello everyone, I've been making a n64 portable lately and im in the stage of pre-trim, I have a problem of no audio. i made a picture using paint below, I'm using the PAM8803 mini Class D amp. with 2x 8Ohm speakers. Are my connections right? Or is it the fact that the 8Ohm speakers are...
  2. Timo43

    Question Noob here, looking for some forums that can get me started on wii portables.

    Hey! So I checked out the wii trimming guide and have a general idea of how to make a wii portable (looked at a work log) but some forums about the specifics of certain parts of the process (mainly wiring and where everything connects to) would be useful as I have very little electronic...
  3. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog PSXp (A playstation 1 portable)

    Hello everyone, I've been using bitbuild for a long time to familiarize myself with the modding scene, i made a couple of projects before using raspberry pi before but decided not to make a big deal out of it since it's fairly common. lately I've been working on a playstation one portable since...
  4. 4875425142

    Question (Noob Question)Wii portable without custom regulators?

    Is it possible to make a wii portable without using custom regulators? So i found out its hard to buy the custom regulators here in the Philippines and its expensive to buy outside the country. So is there a possible way to power it? Like the ps2 standard trim voltage relocation
  5. 4875425142

    Question Ps1 Classic portable?

    Is it possible to make a Ps1 portable with ps1 classic? -7.4volt battery with 2s bms (2pcs 3.7v 4000mah) -5" eyoyo screen -usb port to add games using bleamsync -ps1 classic controller -amplifier board -Battery Capacity Indicator Electricity Power LED Display Board
  6. Worklog First Wii Project

    I've been reading a lot of stuff on the site and lurking around a lot of the other worklogs of complete noobs like me while collecting parts and tweaking my design. But I've actually done some work on some things and I like feedback so, In the words of our favourite plumber, here we go... BOM...
  7. timestopMachinist

    Question battery questions

    I'm making a portable emulation machine with the pi 4, and im confused about power solutions. im using this screen with this controller board. I'm new to this, if you couldnt tell. I realize that it would be difficult to power both with one battery, so i dont mind using more than one. I was...
  8. Question Is it possible to slim a wiiu mainboard?

    Hi guys and gals, is there any potential way to slim down a wiiu mainboard? I have quite a good project in mind but I don't trust myself to slim a board (tried with a Wii once, got close but killed it in the end lol) Id imagine the biggest issue is the lack of proper software such as...
  9. Question GameCube Portable Guides?

    I’ve never done any hard modding, mostly soft modding and homebrew stuff. I want to make a portable out of my GameCube as, I would like to keep my Wii for home use. Does anyone have any guides for this, as well as an estimated cost, as I probably do not have all the equipment needed.
  10. GingerOfOz

    Model Louii CAD Files

    I've decided to go ahead and release the Louii's CAD files and a rough BOM for anyone who would like to build their own. I've included both the STLs and the Inventor .ipt files so that you can tweak the design if you would like. Aside from a few tweaks to the internals, this case is identical...
  11. GingerOfOz

    The Louii

    This is the Louii The goal was to capture the beauty and grace of Louie from the Pikmin series, but unfortunately I completely overshot. Features: Beautiful custom molded Switch buttons and joysticks. If you aren't using Madmorda buttons in a portable in 2019 then you'd better be molding...
  12. NahuelFlores

    Question Is this battery scheme well structured?

    Hello! As you saw in the title, I need help with this battery scheme. I need you to confirm your is well structured. To consider; each battery of the following scheme will be in an individual battery compartment. The batteries will be charged with a specific battery charger, so you will have to...
  13. Morgan_The_Adventurer

    Wii GamePad

    or should I call it the Wii GamePad Portable? Wii Portable GamePad? Names are hard. Anyways I've finally decided to build my first Wii portable and I figured I might as well enter the contest. The idea should be nice and simple. Making a Wii portable in a Wii U GamePad. I always thought it...
  14. Legend

    Worklog *Question*chip sizes for case design

    Hey guys, after a lot of tinkering over time and rigorous research, im taking a crack at portables... ive done some shady things in the past like putting a screen in a wii (failed first project lol) and recently i stuck a screen in a ps2 cuz i was bored ... right now ive just been drawing up...
  15. GingerOfOz

    The Waker v2 - Louii Worklog

    Over the past 6 or so months, I've put in a lot of time with the original Waker of the Wiind and have been really pleased with how it runs. That being said, it's certainly not perfect, and so since I've got some parts laying around that could use a home I figure I'll revamp the case and tweak...
  16. Soulheaven


    Hello everyone, given that this is my first PS2 portable project, I wanted to know some tips on how to do this at both the video level and the sound level. First of all, at the time I wanted to increase, and to decrease the volume using keys without a potentiometer, only keys I wanted to know...
  17. FriedNoodles

    Question Want to learn how to make a portable but don't know where to start

    Ive been doing research on just the hardware and several links ive found from Shank and other top members. Ive gotten somewhat of an understanding on how motherboards and the hardware work and i know how to solder and simple circuitry . Im just lost right now since i dont know where to start in...
  18. Danielle

    Question I need help!

    I'm starting to make a portable Wii. I've installed "PortableizeMii" on my Wii and all that. Now before I do anything else, I want to make an order on eBay and other sites for the parts that I need. (Because of the long shipping time). I don't know what it takes to make one, so I don't know all...
  19. Hared-brained PCB schemes, aka "it's not meant for that, idiot"

    From the department of "don't worry, I'm dumb enough to give it a go"; I've put JLCPCB hard at work This outline is for 7" 800*600 displays such as A070SN01 etc. I did alternative bottom tiles dimensioned for the 6.5", 800*480 AT065TN14 All broken up into <10x10cm tiles to take...
  20. Worklog Ps2 Portables

    Working on two ps2 portables atm started the second due to the fact im waiting on the case and my Dremel set to finish the first one.so far I made a few awesome discoveries on the 2nd portable though! all images are from the second project which uses a 50001 motherboard. ( hit a brick wall...