1. JCasper

    Question General parts questions and battery

    Hey all! I'm very new to modding and only have some basic electronics experience. I am working on gathering parts for my Wii portable build. I did have a PSOne screen that I was going to use for this project, but it doesn't work. I recently picked up a portable DVD player at the thrift store...
  2. Moustique

    Worklog My First Portable Wii

    Hello everybody, My name is Romain and i'm from France, I found a lot of information about the portable Wii on this forum and some Tuto. Then I decide to create one for myself, because I'm a big fan of Nintendo. I make a lot of research and I finally decide to buy everything. First of all I...
  3. CakeB0ss

    Worklog BardRights's First Portable Build (Tomii)

    Hello! My name is BardRights AKA CakeB0ss AKA Thomas and I'm starting my first portable build in the next few days. After years of passing research and a couple of half-assed attempts, I'm finally ready to begin working on portablizing a Wii. I hope this will be a really fun project to learn a...
  4. Question audio recommendations?

    I don't know what I should get for audio (speaker, amp, headphone jack) for my Wii portable. I saw the u-amp, but it's sold out. Does anyone have any recommendations? Also, I'd enjoy if it took less then a week to ship. I'm fine with paying more for better shipping times, it just needs to be an...
  5. PoposPizza

    PS4 Portable?

    Now, I know that this is for "OLD" consoles, but I don't know if this is classified as old. I am planning to make a portable console of some kind, I was going back and forth between ps2 and wii, but then I sold my ps2, so I though I was going to make a wii portable, so I was researching the...
  6. Minerrv1

    Selling My G-wii Rev 2 ($800) (SOLD)

    Hello, as the title says, I'm selling my G-Wii. I recently built it in November and I've had the best time playing on it. The G-Wii was built with VGA, MX chip relocation. I did not install Bluetooth since I didn't want to play with a Wii-mote on such a small screen. Everything else, is exactly...
  7. Humblewun

    Portables, n64 and ps2 willing to pay and give console

    Hey guys, Anyone willing to get rid of their ps2p and n64p, i have both consoles and im willing to give em to you with payment in exchange for the portables, as long as both have the ability to use original cartridge/disk and are able to use 4 controllers aswell as tv play as i frequently have...
  8. Nold

    GCii Pocket

    After only 17 days[!] development & build time, my GCii Pocket is finally finished! So this are the planed final specs: - Near OMEGA Trimmed Wii [NAND & AVE Relocation] - 3.5" IPS LCD using tasty VGA - 1s2p 18650 via RVL PMS - little over 2h battery life - Audio via crippled but WiiHUD...
  9. Wesk

    Worklog Wii portable "Ashida Wavebird" worklog

    IT IS TIME - Digitally frankencased (coined by @Shank ) using 3D scans and a shitload of meshwork. - 3D printable. - Coming December 2020 maybe A lot of testing is still underway but I'll keep you all updated
  10. Best way to protect delicate solder joints?

    Hey y'all, I'm currently working on my Wii portable. There's several sensitive solder joints on the main Wii motherboard. These include AWG 38 magnet wire soldered to tiny AVE pins, as well as that *one* via that you can solder the U10 wire to. Anyone know how to make sure those wires never come...
  11. Pablo

    Gamebii Advance portable (Wii)

    Features: USB-C port 3 18650 3600mAh batteries MX relocation Bluetooth relocation- due to planning before Hiidra Slider controller audio (thanks to StonedEdge) Second Z buttons for more mappings with GC2Wiimote Created this portable with a more comfortable form factor in mind, by emulating the...
  12. Madmorda

    Worklog Madmorda's WiiBA

    I'm a little late to start my worklog, but I hope to actually finish my entry this year! I'm building something I've been wanting to build for a long time: a Gameboy Advance shaped Wii portable. My main idea here is to try and keep both the size and the shape accurate to the original GBA without...
  13. Jamehhhh

    Question PS2 Portable Help

    Hi All, I have decided I really want to have a go at creating my own Portable PS2. Unfortunately I do not have too much electronics experience, I only know the basics really. I also know this is a massive task for someone with my knowledge but I love a challenge! Now, the problem is I don't...
  14. CalebPikmin

    Worklog "Tool64" my first Portable ever!!!

    Hey guys, this is going to be my first portable and I am super new and probably will end up hurting myself and the parts I use. My case will be made up of two different sides of a two screwdriver set cases (hence the name, ",Tool64"). I love the color of the green so if it doesn't work with the...
  15. Omar Elsayed

    Question Can you guys check my materials for making a wii portable?

    GC+ and dual tact mod - bitbuilt store Mini PAM8803 audio amp board - here I want to be able to somehow use a poteniometer on the amp board (Any guides on this?), this is what I want to use - GBA 5-pin potentiometer WiiU gamepad speakers - here 4-pin headphone jacks - here. Should I use 3-pin...
  16. GingerOfOz

    Worklog Ginger Does a PS2 Thing

    Uncertain what I'm going to title this project, so for now it's just a PS2 thing. I've never had a whole lot of drive to do a PS2 portable, just because I've never had any interest in the games for it. I bought a 79001 off of eBay shortly after Gman released the PS2 trimming guide, but it has...
  17. vikMKW

    Worklog Toshiiba

    Background Wii laptops were popular among early modders and beginners, like myself, but all attempts I've perused were incomplete, dated, or were not portable (i.e. tethered to wall power). I don’t stand a chance against this year's unique ideas and skilled modders, but I hope to take the title...
  18. Omar Elsayed

    Question Questions about making a wii portable and other stuff

    1. Any good guide on making analog shoulder button presses? 2. My order is still awaiting fulfillment, but I want to add more stuff. Can I add it to my current order so I won't have to pay for shipping twice? 3. Does portablizemii replace the wii menu? Or can i go back to the wii menu if I want...
  19. MomSpaghetti

    Guide PS2 SMB: Use raspberry pi to load ps1 and ps2 games over SMB(+ Portability optimizations)

    Hello everyone, This is my first guide for this community. A small introduction into game loading methods of the ps2. There are 3 loading methods for the ps2: USB method. HDD method. SMB method. Usually, people opt to the USB method because of its simplicity, all you need to do is connect a...
  20. Omar Elsayed

    Question What speakers should I use for my wii portable.

    Can i use wii U or 3ds speakers? Will any speaker work? will any audio amp board work?