1. ModManMac

    Question batteries

    hey so i was looking at the batteries in the BOM and they call for 18650 batteries however the link takes you to samsung 21700’s which are slightly larger in diameter and length, are these the ones people managed to fit into their ashida mods? or should i look on another site for actual 18650...
  2. Viilmo

    Question CMBs in parallel for faster charging?

    I have this CMB and wan't it to use it for my wii project. The problem im having that the wii uses 16watts with screen etc. and the CMB can only charge with a maximum of 8.4W, so it wouldn't charge while playing. I was thinking to get an other one to put in parallel which would end up using 4...
  3. PangolinPope

    Question Best Batteries for Beginners?

    Hey all, I'm very new to the modding scene and would like to try my hand at making a Wii handheld. I am currently making a plan for parts, but am unsure what battery setup I should have. While exploring the forums, I discovered that most use 18650 Li-ion batteries. However, I have heard that...
  4. Viilmo

    Question Few questions I have about a BMS

    So basically i found an old CTV and thought why I shouldn't just put a Wii in it. There was enough space to fit an untrimmed board which made things way easier. I want to use 8 batteries in 4s2p but I need a BMS. I've been thinking using this one but im not sure. Here the questions: 1. Can I...
  5. JCasper

    Question General parts questions and battery

    Hey all! I'm very new to modding and only have some basic electronics experience. I am working on gathering parts for my Wii portable build. I did have a PSOne screen that I was going to use for this project, but it doesn't work. I recently picked up a portable DVD player at the thrift store...
  6. ops400

    Solved How can i run a full wii without a disk drive out of a battery

    Hello I'm very, very, VERY new to making portables, and I planing to make a wii "laptop", it will be a simple thing with a full size wii mother board without a disk drive. Well the point is I will power the system out of a battery and I don't know what battery to chose to power the wii. And if I...
  7. Aaron Miller

    Question Voltage Regulation

    I am redesigning a mini-arcade machine, and I would like to make it rechargeable. It requires 4.5v of electricity. I was going to use a pth08080wah regulator, but I was thinking: would I be able to just use a rechargeable 9v battery and a simple 2-resistor voltage divider instead?
  8. AniMike

    Question Could this be a good battery?

    So I was looking for batteries for my wii portable and I thought, why couldn't I just use the battery from a wii u or some shit, so I found this battery on Amazon that is a supposedly enhanced Wii U battery, so can any of you pros let me know if this is a suitable battery for a portable wii...
  9. SuperSaiyanBird

    Solved Are these good BMS and Batteries to use for my Wii portable???

    So I'm figuring out the remaining stuff I need for my portable so I can budget myself. Now somethings to add to my list are the batteries to power the Wii and a BMS along with them. Would I need 4 of these...
  10. Question Wii portable battery and other questions (beginner)

    Hello guys, I am currently planning on building my first Wii portable with a MB trim. After hours of research in the forums I began to make a list of parts to buy. I don't want to waste money by buying parts that won't work toghether, therefore I wanted to ask a couple questions before buying...
  11. Question First Portable - noob questions

    Hi! New here. Sorry for being so cliche with the title. So i want to start making a portable because it seems cool. I have experience soldering and with other electronics, but not much on this scale (i also need to buy a soldering iron of my own, so waiting on that.) Luckily, I have a 4 layer...
  12. E64

    Worklog N64P Advance 2.0

    Hello BB members I'm back again to do another N64P The parts ill be using: Gba carrying case 7.4v 5600mah 4.3 Tft screen 1st party controller Memory card 16 Ohm speakers Expansion pack Gikfun tact switch I'm already starting to get the screen prepared to the way I want it
  13. Fruity_Grebbles

    Question Lots of 18650s

    I have a bunch of 18650s from various sources. Is there a method I should use to test their health before I use them together? Any rules about matching capacity? Also, is there a BMS (like the ebay "red battery boards") that would be suited to using many cells together? I'm not really sure...
  14. bayjose

    How should I charge my 4 18650 cells

    Hello, I have an internal 4 cell 18650 battery pack in my portable, I was wondering the best way to unify them so that they are all charged and regulated from one charge input, and then have a cumulative battery output voltage. I was looking at this board here but I am unsure which points to...
  15. Dr._Mobo

    Protection Circuit?

    OK, so I bought a cheap 5 volt power bank designed for charging phones. Inside it was a 3.7 volt, 2200 mah lithium ion battery and a protection circuit that boosts the output to 5 volts. Can I hook up a different battery to the circuit? I have some 3.7 volt, 3200mah lipo batteries that I'd like...
  16. The Next Guy

    Amazing deal on 18650s

    $5.00 for 2x Panasonic 18650s 3400 mAh (plus like $7 is shipping)!!! If someone could check if they are legit that would be nice but I am pretty sure that they are.
  17. RBeaR7

    Question Is this battery good for Wii/GCp?

    I was searching for batteries the other day, I came upon these Will 4800mah be sufficient? Thanks in advance! :)
  18. Dr._Mobo

    Battery Replacement Question

    Whats up BitBuilt! My issue is that I somehow managed to fry one of my battery cells for my GCP. I originally got 4 of the 3200 mah batteries from battery space (link...
  19. Matthew

    Discussion Batteries

    Have any questions about batteries? Post them here!
  20. Matthew

    Question Battery PCM

    So I have pretty much concluded that the stock pcm my batteries came with is fried. I think my dremel or soldering iron must've damaged it. But I was wondering if anyone has had experience using this one. Any advice would be much appreciated.