Question General parts questions and battery

Jun 29, 2021
Hey all!

I'm very new to modding and only have some basic electronics experience. I am working on gathering parts for my Wii portable build. I did have a PSOne screen that I was going to use for this project, but it doesn't work.
I recently picked up a portable DVD player at the thrift store for $3 that seems to have many of the parts I need. It's a Digital Labs K715 if anyone's wondering. It has a decent 7'' screen, batteries with a protection board, charging port, speakers, volume wheel, headphone jack, A/V input, and it even runs on the correct voltage.

Here's where the questions come up. Would these be things I could actually use, or is this too good to be true? I attached pictures of the internals for reference.
I am also worried about the battery situation. The player was supplied with two LiPo batteries that together put out 7.4v. These are old and seem to have expanded. They're also now only putting out 6.5v. I am not going to use these, but what could I get in exchange? The batteries are connected in series, and there are three wires connecting them with the protection board. I figured there would only be two.

I will be trimming my Wii board, so there will be custom regulators attached. I am also using RVLoader on the Wii. Thanks for the help in advance!