Worklog Stiim Deck

Feb 16, 2023
Hello all! Wanted to show off a neat project I'm working on as well as release some files in case anyone wanted to make their own.

Long story short, I love the form factor of Valve's Steam Deck and wanted to make a portable Wii utilizing the shell. This will give me a huge screen, a great battery, comfortable form factor, and a good amount of space to add features. I'll only be playing GameCube games on this so that's why the button/stick layout mimics a GC controller.

So, with that, let's make a Stiim Deck

To make the shell I used Valve's files found here as well as the GameCube controller provided by GearHawkStudio, the makers of the Panda Controller found here. Just scroll to the bottom for the download link from them.

Once I had these imported, I just filled in all of the holes on the Steam Deck, cut out holes using bodies from the GC controller, then added some tolerance and fillets to various surfaces. It's not finished yet, but I figured I'd show off what I've got so far to build interest. The only holes I didn't fill in are for the shoulder and bumper buttons because that was a bitch and a half. And I don't hate those buttons so I might try and use those if I can.


If you want the "filled-in holes" version of the Steam Deck, I've linked the STEP files below. Can't wait to see what everyone makes!