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    So while I wait for my soldering heat gun to work(waiting for a replacement that works .-. ), and since I'm out of money, I decided to give my idle hands work, and I took a shot at Frankencasing. It sucks, But It's finally done the case work for the most part(just need to make port holes). I'm now waiting for the epoxy to fulling cure, and then try to possibly paint it. It's gonna need alot of Bondo >_>

    IMG_5603.JPG IMG_5658.JPG IMG_5728.JPG IMG_5733.JPG

    IMG_5784.JPG IMG_5785.JPG

    I just thought i should make a thread for it now, since I've cut up the game cube controller, and pretty much past the point of no return... It's really comfortable to hold, and with VGA it should look beautiful.
    I'm also half thinking of not painting this one, and leaving it as is, and making a new case after this one, and use Abs cement instead of Epoxy. I'm using a 5" screen, It barely fits, and I mis cut, so some of the metal bezel is showing.

    For guides and general sense of direction I followed Lyberty's guide/worklog on what to do, and just general info on Bb and Modretro.

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