1. DeoNaught

    Worklog }Side Project?{ Dream Machiine;

    So while I wait for my soldering heat gun to work(waiting for a replacement that works .-. ), and since I'm out of money, I decided to give my idle hands work, and I took a shot at Frankencasing. It sucks, But It's finally done the case work for the most part(just need to make port holes). I'm...
  2. Ibprofen98

    Acrylic vs polycarbonate

    Hey all. So I purchased the plexiglass (acrylic) that iput in my case front at my local glass and plastic supply store, and the things they had was 1/8, which meant the edges didn't line up due to different thicknesses. I asked if they had anything thinner and they said that was the thingsth...
  3. Cid

    Components housing techniques?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone had any techniques to share for housing components in a case that is originally not made for your perticular components, especially with Frankencasing, like buttons, joysticks, switches, screen, breadboards... It's not just a matter of hot glue. -How do make...