Worklog MiniGCWii

Dec 30, 2017
Hi, I'm nitroboy on discord so I decided to make a worklog :

This minigcwii will entirely be in that case
JPEG_20180924_202420~2.jpg Which I think is pretty small, see the wii2hdmi as a reference.

- Bluetooth [✓]
- Hdmi output [✓]
- Composite output in a headphone jack [ ]
- Mx chip, without battery [ ]
- IR leds [ ]
- USB C input, for power + accessing the internal thumbdrive (one at a time) [ ]
- 12v output for sensors bar [ ]
-stock fan and heatsink ( I need to figure out an effecient way of arranging those) [ ]
-(on the side) gc+ inside an SNES controller, for playing virtual console NES and SNES games with good button layout. [ ]

This thing is meant to be easily cariable from house to house. (Only need to carry the console and controllers, assuming the place has a hdmi or composite cable and a 2-3 amps phone charger.)

I will also wire some usb c pins to composite out, sound out, component out, maybe controller 1, and maybe more, so that in the future, I can make an expansion module that I can plug in usb c port. That module would be integrating a screen, batteries, maybe controller and other things so that it is fully portable.

Thanks to everyone who helped me so far on the discord!


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