1. Wesk

    Worklog Sega Dreamblade (DC Slim)

    (Yes, I know this looks like a cutting edge post but the project isn't complete so just enjoy the high quality GIF's) How did it start? a few months ago I did a bunch of undervolt testing on the Wii for a potential future project and during that time I figured I'd undervolt test a few other...
  2. Wesk

    Model Wii Mini Console Scan

    Wii Mini Console Scan Contains: Wii Mini Console Top Shell Wii Mini Console Bottom Shell Wii Mini Console Drive Lid Wii Mini Console Drive Bracket Wii Mini Console Open Button Wii Mini Console Power Button Wii Mini Console Battery Mount Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count...
  3. Wesk

    GC Micro

    I totally forgot that I had to post this..... Features: - 4 controller ports with rumble (With adapter) - Auto switching AV port depending on cable - Nothing else really, it's just a really tiny GameCube Worklog here (With Nudez)...
  4. Wesk

    Model GC Micro STL's

    BOM: It's pretty straight forward - - 4 Layer Wii - Red board USB A x2 - RVL-PSU x 1 - NAND Flex x1 - PTH or any other regulator for 1.8v - Gamecube controller extension lead x4 (for adapter) - A latching power switch (There's a bit of room to use whatever you can fit) - A 35x35x10 fan and...
  5. MomSpaghetti

    Worklog PS2 CLASSIC!

    Hello everyone, In this worklog, I'll be working on a project called the Ps2 classic. As the name indicates, It's going to be a mini version of the PS2 slim, just like the PS classic. It's a project that has been on my mind ever since i saw wesk's Noob Cube. Im not yet sure about the trim yet...
  6. Wesk

    Model Noob Cube - Mini Gamecube

    Original thread here: Files here:
  7. Wesk

    Release Noob Cube - Mini Gamecube for first timers

    So this is my first Wii trim and case design. I figured i'd start out with a rather simple mod before moving on to a portable. THE GOAL: To create a case that is simple to print and assemble. To reuse a decent amount of Wii components and screws. Small enough to be cute but retain...
  8. Madmorda

    Worklog A Better Playstation Classic

    I recently picked up a Playstation Classic and fell in love with the tiny case. I checked out the ps1 motherboard and decided that it would be difficult to fit without some serious rewiring, so I deliberated between the PSP and the ps2 since an advanced trim ps2 motherboard would fit...
  9. nobble

    Worklog MiiNii GiiCii: A theme within a meme.

    Hey BB! @Postman and I have been hard at work in the Mod Station cooking up new memes for all the goodbois! This one is a twist on a twist on hotdogs. :rothink: I found a Raspberry Pi case online that looks like a mini GC, someone then modified it for a SBC to emulate GC. The modified version...
  10. Worklog MiniGCWii

    Hi, I'm nitroboy on discord so I decided to make a worklog : This minigcwii will entirely be in that case Which I think is pretty small, see the wii2hdmi as a reference. Features: - Bluetooth [✓] - Hdmi output [✓] - Composite output in a headphone jack [ ] - Mx chip, without battery [ ] - IR...
  11. Madmorda

    Worklog World's Smallest Gamecube

    Okay, okay, it's not really a Gamecube, it's a wii. The idea of having a mini Gamecube has been around for quite a while, and once I even went so far as to see how small a gc motherboard could be while keeping it to scale. Obviously I'm glad I didn't make it because I discovered this wonderful...
  12. Fruity_Grebbles

    Model Mini-Keyboard Mounting Solution

    It has come to my attention that I still have a lot of keyboards. The only reasonable explanation I have come up with (considering how amazing these keyboards are) is that people are discouraged to order keyboards and use them for lack of a good, reproducible mounting solution. @Luke had a...
  13. Madmorda

    World's Smallest Gamecube Controller

    Hey guys :) I recently finished up this tiny Gamecube controller. It was built into a keychain, and is fully functional as a gamecube controller. Parts Needed: GC+ board GameCube controller keychain 2 joysticks (254SA103B50A) 11 hard tact switches 2 squishy tacts Perfboard Magnet wire...
  14. CaveStoryKing64

    Question Wii Mini Hacking

    Hello! I own a small Discord server. In that server, we are trying to get Homebrew onto the Wii Mini. But for that, we will need either a wasp or wiikey modchip. The reason why this is because of the route we are going to use. Route: -Obtain Wii Mini -Obtain modchip. -Install modchip into Wii...
  15. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB Keyboard Faceplate (Dreamgear Minikey)

    I've been selling these mini keyboards in the hopes that people would find cool uses for them. Luke went and did, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with his project so far. For those of you who have 3D printers, I went ahead and took some scans of the keyboard faceplate. I generated...
  16. Question Is it possible to use the wii mini drive on a normal wii?

    I was wondering if it is possible to use the wii mini disc drive on a normal wii. Thanks in advance.