Worklog An attempt to recreate the PS2 PCB

Apr 10, 2022
I bought the buttons on the psvita slim 2000, the button options are many, I'll look at these now and see if they match the case/shell.
the buttons of the psvita slim 2000 look really good
it's true when it comes to design there is always soo many options
Thanks for the tip
you welcome if it's help you I'm happy

and by the way seeing the great work you have done I think you should change your name from Mister M to Mister revolution (sorry for the lame joke:XD:)
Nov 28, 2016
United Arab Emirates
Hi guys. The project is still ongoing and we have new updates. In 2018 I met Bitbiult and one of the things that fascinated me was the PCBs (Printed Circuit Board) the idea of being able to create boards for the projects we had in mind was an incredible thing. since late 2020 i am studying about PCB and reverse engineering on pcbs. Now I'm perfectly able to create any pcb I believe, so if you have a project in mind and want to hire me to do it, don't hesitate to call me, because I know it's very bad to look at a project, to have the ideas , but not knowing how to execute it and not having someone willing to do it.
I'll go all the way with this project and you will be updated on all the progress, difficulties, discoveries, challenges and finally completion.

This is the transformer on one of the versions of the 7900x,
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With that I don't need to use an RJ45 connector that has built-in transformer, if you open the RJ45 connectors of the console end series, you will see the transformer inside.


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The console PCB received another update, we updated the pcb with new custom regulators, digital audio amplifier with headphone output, thanks to @Gman, but also keeping the original audio dac, a micro sd card slot for load games via memorycard with the MX4SIO mod and USB-C to load the console, several FFC connectors for flat cables connecting the main board to the secondary boards. What's new in this update is the Ethernet transformer used in other console series.

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Speaking of Ethernet transformer, I chose to use the PS2 with a game server, the device I chose was a well-known mini router that proved to be an excellent device for this function, being compact and consuming little battery, I decided to use it.

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The use of a memory card can be used with an sd card, for this reason it has two card slots in the image, because I can create one of the options with the MX4SIO or the mini router, I can also create with the integrated circuit of the card an internal storage like a flash drive but then I would need to transfer data via USB and that's not what I want, so I created a pcb to connect the mini router and in it the sd card slot and an FFC connector to connect the PS2.

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I created a 3d model of the mini router that is not functional, just to see how it will look and help when creating the shell.
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I mentioned in a past post that I had also made a screen driver, and yes the screen driver is complete. In addition to the specific function, it also brings other functions such as the analog audio amplifier for those who prefer and thus keep the original play dac, it is also for this reason that it has another headphone jack and also has a slot to solder the memorycard if he wants. In the screen driver there is an STM32 responsible for the control and gaming on the console, the idea is from a friend called Epaminondas, the guy has amazing projects and things that can be revolutionary for this scenario of portable consoles. That is, it is a pcb with the peripheral functions of the console.

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The screen commands and volume control and console power button.
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The control buttons are inspired by PSvita, using the analog of the nintendo switch.

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The project is in development and I'm not working with deadlines, my ideal is to make everything work out. Nothing is impossible, thinking that something is impossible is just a matter of opinion.

Need to create your pcb? I am here.
Amazing work,

I have tried this 3G/4G router without the RJ45 port on the PS2 and it did not work, i had to resolder the jack for it to start reading the games.
Apr 6, 2020
Amazing work,

I have tried this 3G/4G router without the RJ45 port on the PS2 and it did not work, i had to resolder the jack for it to start reading the games.
The reason it doesn't work without the RJ45 port is because of the ethernet transformer present in the connector, as I reported in some posts back, it only works with this transformer either internal or external to the RJ45 port.