1. Wesk

    Ashida Wii Portable

    It's been a long wait, that wait is now over... Get comfortable, make sure headphones are placed firmly on your head and prepare for a little introductory video to a portable that previously only existed in memes and dreams: (4k and fullscreen recommended) I could take full credit but...
  2. Wesk

    Model Gamecube Wavebird Controller Scan

    Wavebird Controller Scan Contains: Wavebird Controller Front Wavebird Controller Back w/o battery cover Wavebird Controller Back with battery cover Wavebird Controller Battery Cover Specs: These are high poly scans, average poly count per mesh is about...
  3. Wesk

    Worklog Wii portable "Ashida Wavebird" worklog

    IT IS TIME - Digitally frankencased (coined by @Shank ) using 3D scans and a shitload of meshwork. - 3D printable. - Coming December 2020 maybe A lot of testing is still underway but I'll keep you all updated
  4. BayCoder1

    Worklog Wavebiird portable reborn aka Project Phoeniix

    So this is yet another attempt at a wii portable. I always seem to get a nice looking case then flock up the electronics Big thanks to gman and shank for your files that finally made the idea of a wave bird with a screen easier to do. Btw I’ve been away from the scene for awhile so if there’s...
  5. moonDoctor

    Worklog JoyBird: a Switch Wavebird

    (TL: DR joycon guts+ Wired GameCube pcb + wavebird case) Foreword: I absolutely hate wires as i have a propensity to unplug them, thus I loved my wavebird. While i began with an Original Gameboy, i fell in love with the GameCube's hand friendly controller. But alas, Nintendo despite being super...
  6. Daquantrius Johnson

    Question DIY WaveBird Reciever?

    ey b0is, I was wondering, would it be feasible to make a wavebird receiver using something like this https://ns-electric.com/files/datasheets/NRF24L01P.pdf and a simple Wavebird protocol decoder (https://github.com/CFSworks/wavebird-reversing) and gcc encoder program on an arduino or some...
  7. Madmorda

    Board scan Wavebird Board Scans and Documentation

    I have recently started on a Wavebird controller project that involves dissecting and documenting the circuit board. I have ammassed some useful information that I hope others can use as well, so I'm posting everything I have so far. I will keep the link and images up to date, since I'll still...
  8. Fruity_Grebbles

    Question Anyone have a scan of a wavebird bottom shell?

    I couldn't find one online and don't have the means to scan it myself. It's a bit too organic to think about measuring and remodeling. If someone could take a scan, I'd appreciate it.