1. RedEnergy

    Solved No VGA signal

    I’m trying to switch from AV to VGA but the only thing i get is a blue screen. I tried to check if the wires were connected correctly, and it looks like they are. But when the wires are connected to the wii and the display driver, the tester tells me that all the RGB wires are shorted to the GND...
  2. Minerrv1

    Selling my G-Wii $1,000

    Hello guys! I’m selling another G-Wii, I had so much fun making it, I built a second G-Wii because I missed having GameCube games to be playable in my hand instead of watching it off a TV. Sadly enough I have no time in my hand and it’s collecting dust. And I would rather sell it to someone who...
  3. Wesk

    Worklog PS1 Native VGA mod (15khz)

    I recently picked up a SCPH5502 model PS1 for the intention of pairing with a PSIO. As my main CRT only has composite or component video input I felt I was required to purchase the HD Retrovision component cables to get the best video quality. However the retrovision cables are quite pricey at...
  4. Benge

    Solved Problem with VGA patch on BBloader

    Hi all, I really need some help i dont understand why the VGA patch is not working for me :rothink: I have plan to use VGA on my O-Wii, but after installing BBloader and activate the VGA nothing apears O.o I have tried many times to make it work, I have checked my connections several times, the...
  5. Question A couple of questions from a newbie

    I'm planning to make my first portable wii and I have very little knowledge of electronics. I found a lot of useful information on this forum, but I still have some questions. The portables I've seen they usually have up to 4 battery cells, would it be possible to increase this to 6 for an...
  6. Question No VGA output on untrimmed Wii

    Hi guys. Unfortunately I'm not getting any video out on my untrimmed Wii. I'm trying to do Aurelio's VGA mod. I enabled it in BBLoader already. I'm using AWG 38 magnet write for some of the lines due to having to solder to vias, and AWG 30 for soldering to pins. My Wii turns on all right...
  7. Worklog wiiasy

    Hello everybody I apologize for my bad English This is my first project of a portable wii. I was undecided whether to call it wiiasy or simplywii, in the end I chose wiiasy. Wiiasy because it is a project born to be as simple and easy as possible. Starting from the design of the case which is...
  8. Daquantrius Johnson

    Question VGA Screen Trouble

    ey b0is So I bought this screen ( It works to some degree. when there's no signal the backlight is fine. the buttons work, etc. But when I plug in a VGA source (my PC), the screen goes dark...
  9. SonicTheWerehog

    Question I need help with ps2 c-sync mod for VGA use.

    I have been trying for a long time to find a way to hook up my Playstation 2 to my LCD monitor. I've used the LM1881 circuit, but it didn't work due to the fact that it outputs c-sync instead of RGBHV. Then one day I found this thread: that...
  10. nobble

    Mini Gameboy Home Console: The Gamebox DMG Consolizer

    Here's my newest Gameboy mod! It's a Consolized DMG using Easy_VGA and a Pro Micro to enable gameplay with a NES controller. This was built based off of the info HERE. Big thanks to @seerofvoid420 for helping with the board tracings, and @Postman and uXe for helping me finalize the code. This...
  11. Koksi_90

    Solved WII VGA

    Hello Community. You can now use the VGA Mod Patch from @Aurelio
  12. Madmorda

    Small TFT Monitors: Vga vs composite?

    So I'm comparing the pros and cons of vga vs composite on 4-5" screens, and I want to know if it really makes a noticeable difference. I have a 4.3" I've used before (composite) and was reasonably satisfied with it, although I did feel the quality could've been slightly better. But I think that...
  13. Wadebrody

    Question Wii VGA

    Does anyone know the best cable/adapter to convert Wii video to VGA? Or does it not really make a difference, or work very well at all. I want to connect my Wii to an old VGA monitor I have, but want the best adapter for it. Any suggestions?