1. Worklog wiiasy

    Hello everybody I apologize for my bad English This is my first project of a portable wii. I was undecided whether to call it wiiasy or simplywii, in the end I chose wiiasy. Wiiasy because it is a project born to be as simple and easy as possible. Starting from the design of the case which is...
  2. Daquantrius Johnson

    Question VGA Screen Trouble

    ey b0is So I bought this screen ( It works to some degree. when there's no signal the backlight is fine. the buttons work, etc. But when I plug in a VGA source (my PC), the screen goes dark...
  3. SonicTheWerehog

    Question I need help with ps2 c-sync mod for VGA use.

    I have been trying for a long time to find a way to hook up my Playstation 2 to my LCD monitor. I've used the LM1881 circuit, but it didn't work due to the fact that it outputs c-sync instead of RGBHV. Then one day I found this thread: that...
  4. nobble

    Mini Gameboy Home Console: The Gamebox DMG Consolizer

    Here's my newest Gameboy mod! It's a Consolized DMG using Easy_VGA and a Pro Micro to enable gameplay with a NES controller. This was built based off of the info HERE. Big thanks to @seerofvoid420 for helping with the board tracings, and @Postman and uXe for helping me finalize the code. This...
  5. Koksi_90

    Solved WII VGA

    Hello Community. You can now use the VGA Mod Patch from @Aurelio
  6. Madmorda

    Small TFT Monitors: Vga vs composite?

    So I'm comparing the pros and cons of vga vs composite on 4-5" screens, and I want to know if it really makes a noticeable difference. I have a 4.3" I've used before (composite) and was reasonably satisfied with it, although I did feel the quality could've been slightly better. But I think that...
  7. Wadebrody

    Question Wii VGA

    Does anyone know the best cable/adapter to convert Wii video to VGA? Or does it not really make a difference, or work very well at all. I want to connect my Wii to an old VGA monitor I have, but want the best adapter for it. Any suggestions?