1. Mexyican

    Question Troubleshooting My Ashida

    Hello, I'm currently building my portable Wii using the 4LAYER boards. I love the design and the idea of it but currently have a few issues in actually putting it together. I can currently get the screen to work but it starts in AV2 and I have to change the channel over manually shorting the...
  2. Release Fakemote: A cIOS module that fakes Wiimotes from the input of USB game controllers

    Fakemote is A Wii cIOS module that fakes Wiimotes from the input of USB game controllers. It currently supports DS3 and DS4 controllers, with the following features: DS3 and DS4 support includes LEDs, rumble, and the accelerometer DS4's touchpad is used to emulate the Wiimote IR Camera pointer...
  3. Question Usb doesn't work

    Usb stopped working after desoldering and resoldering the wires, tried CM1 and CM2. even tried soldering from different points as shown in the trimming guide. i can see a signal like this on the scope: ____________________________ | | _| but RVloader says it cannot initialize fat fs.
  4. Soulheaven

    Question Project and advice on a portable model scph 79004

    Good evening hi this is my first time that I design a portable ps2, to be premised that I want to make a portable ps2 on a model scph 79004 so that I can make a cut to the motherboard and make it smaller, for the moment for experiment I have a card ps2 obviously not the scph 79004 model to...
  5. DonutCat448

    Solved PortablizeMii Cheese Installer

    Cheese Installer will not recognize my USB. Its a 32gb flash drive, which has been formatted to FAT32 with 32kb allocation size. All appropriate files have been copied over, and it's been put into the proper USB port on the Wii. I still get the message every time "Patching Running IOS; IOS...
  6. samzelf

    Solved USB not recognized

    I am working on a trimmed 4 layer Wii board. The USB (Fit 3.0 32GB) which I used prior to trimming doesn't seem to be recognized. PortablizeMii only offers me the option to boot to the Wii menu. I did not use the USB drive while the last time it booted into the PortablizeMii menu, therefore it...
  7. Solved USB not working on trimmed Wii

    Hey, I recently trimmed my Wii and it still works without any issues. Now I wanted to connect the two USB ports from the Wii but I can't get them to work. Here are some pictures of my work: The magnet wires are twisted, I checked the connections with a multimeter and the 5V (blue) and...
  8. Styrac

    Question USB Game Controller Help

    The shortest amount of background I can manage: I'm trying to make something à la this. I want to start with a raspberry pi based system and upgrade at some point to the m5 intel compute stick. I plan to replace the wii u gamepad controls (as much as i love them they are massive) and replace...
  9. GingerOfOz

    Guide Building Internal USB Drives Into Portables

    The ability to use USB to run homebrews and such is awesome because of how easy it is to transfer new software and games onto it, but it's not totally perfect. The tiny USB drive in the BOM is super cool, but I can’t even count how many times I’ve set it down somewhere and couldn’t find it for...
  10. Paul3854

    Solved Trimmed Wii not detecting

    I'm trying to wire my USB after trimming and my Wii isn't detecting any usb plugged in. I wired it and put hot glue over because the wires came off easily, I don't see any bridges and I'm getting contuinity between the wire and the two vias' they should connect too.
  11. Fruity_Grebbles

    NetBoy - A network-focused portable for games and work

    So I've been working on my portable concept over in my Mini-keyboard 3D-printing thread, but I figured that such a project would make a great 2018 summer contest entry. The goals of the project are thus: Comfortable physical keyboard and gaming controls Moderately compact Clamshell (?) Battery...
  12. Paul3854

    Question Female Micro USB Port

    If someone wanted to do what JacksonS had for his WiiSP 2.0 with a female micro usb port that you can connect to your computer to edit the usb flash drive inside, would you need to use a custom pcb like he used, or are there other ways? Edit: Would this work?
  13. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini USB Keyboard Faceplate (Dreamgear Minikey)

    I've been selling these mini keyboards in the hopes that people would find cool uses for them. Luke went and did, and I have to say that I'm really impressed with his project so far. For those of you who have 3D printers, I went ahead and took some scans of the keyboard faceplate. I generated...
  14. Mumble

    Discussion So PS4's games can apparently run off of USB's soon...

    So, in case you haven't heard, Sony tweeted not too long ago that there will be an update with USB's / External HDD's. If this is really a thing, and since we can already get a PS4 OS running on any HDD by just downloading it off there website...
  15. Fruity_Grebbles

    Mini Keyboards

    I'd love to get rid of these things. I have a bout a zillion, and they're great, but sadly sit in a large box in the corner. Here's the old ebay listing: Seriously, I'm taking offers. I have over a hundred. Down to trade, or sell pretty cheap. They're dope. Believe me. Uuuuuuusssse...
  16. frostedfires

    Would this wiring work for a USB splitter?

    Ok, weird question but I have a computer with only one USB 3.0 slot on it... Can I buy a USB 2.0 splitter like this one (limited on room inside it so need a tiny one): Then, solder the GND, D+, D-, VCC from the mother board to the HUB. Then on one of the hubs 2 additional 2.0 slots, I...