1. GBAGuy007

    A video game poll

    I have a school project that involves taking and analyzing data from a poll. Please answer if you see this!
  2. Question Looking to start making a Vita dock, need electronics advice.

    Note before starting, I have very little knowledge of electronics, good knowledge of 3D modeling, and limited programming experience. I'm looking to design and 3D print a dock for the PS Vita that has a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ to output video. This has been done before, but I want to also add a...
  3. Question I’ve seen N64s combined with monitors, why not projectors?

    Just to preface, I’m such a noob at this stuff I don’t even know what most of the terms mean. I’ve been researching for about a month now, looking for info, a guide, or even a finished product where an N64 and a projector have been put in one case. I’ve found many handheld versions, and even...
  4. Nils Fagnère

    Question As a beginner, I would like to create my own Wii portable.... Help!!

    Good Hello, As indicated in the title, I would love to create my own Wii portable. But, Even if I have already learned a lot about electronics, people who make their own consoles as well as how to trim a Wii, etc ... I'm still a beginner! So if anybody have informations for me (like If there is...