1. vikMKW

    Question Gamecube Port PCB

    Background I'd like to make a PCB for the gamecube ports. Measured the pin pitch and connector spacing as best I could. I believe I got within an acceptable margin. Printing the layout onto paper before manufacturing the PCB saves time and money! I've attached a PDF file with my dimensions for...
  2. ttsgeb

    Worklog XboxDVI

    As some of you may know, the original xbox is really lacking in video output modes for the modern era. It is only capable of analog video out, and doesn't even support VGA through that. Early versions of the xbox use a CX25871 as the video encoder, which can take a variety of digital inputs and...
  3. FallenLogic

    Solved Pad Labeling on GC+

    There are two pads across from each other (for resistors) with the label R2R9 - the rest of the pads are labeled R1-R16 (except R2 and R9). My question is: do I solder both R2 and R9 to those pads? What does it mean?
  4. How do you keep your components?

    In general, I would like to know how you keep those components that you will not use for a long time (PCB's, screens, motherboards, etc.) I use a random box in a safe place, with bags with those tempting bubbles inside (mmmm squishy), and a antistatic bag. And you?
  5. Fruity_Grebbles

    Question Getting started with EAGLE

    'Sup memers. I was wondering if anyone had good resources for getting started with EAGLE that they could direct me towards. I've done a lot of CAD with Solidworks and Autodesk, so the ecosystem isn't too foreign to me. Thanks for anything you've got.
  6. DeoNaught

    Model Ds pads

    So in my Squiifer thread, I released a board for dslite rubber pads, it cut greatly on the side compared to using regular buttons. more people than I thought I would were using it. and asking for stuff on it I sadly lost when my laptop died. So I quickly whipped up a new one, and decided to...
  7. Hared-brained PCB schemes, aka "it's not meant for that, idiot"

    From the department of "don't worry, I'm dumb enough to give it a go"; I've put JLCPCB hard at work This outline is for 7" 800*600 displays such as A070SN01 etc. I did alternative bottom tiles dimensioned for the 6.5", 800*480 AT065TN14 All broken up into <10x10cm tiles to take...
  8. nobble

    Board scan Consolized Gameboy Guide: Wiring a NES controller to a DMG

    Hey BB, As (hopefully) you all know, I love Gameboy modding with an undying passion. It was my first ever console. My first venture was a dual clock mod for the Gameboy pocket years back. This post has board scans of both the front lcd, and back cartridge PCBs. Along with info and diagrams...
  9. Remo kagerer

    Discussion Custom BMS Balancer

    I thought about creating my own 3s Li-ion balancing/charging circuit to place on my recent projects pcb. But after some research, I havent found any solid leads on how to approach something like this. For comparison, if you search for "DIY audio amp circuit", you get truckloads of great designs...
  10. Remo kagerer

    Worklog Wii motherboard interface PCB / WII Portable (still unnamed)

    The Goal of this project is to create a custom PCB that holds all the neccesary comopnents, you need for a wii portable, as well as having a large cutout in the center to place a trimmed motherboard and have convenient solderpads in the right place to connect to the mobo via some hookup wires...
  11. Remo kagerer

    Discussion Wii custom motherboard PCB

    I started my Portable Wii project about a year ago and managed to do the OMGWTF-trim successfully, but I never finished the project. Now I was thinking of reviving the project and today on the bus, I got to think , if it could be possible to design a custom motherboard and transplant the...
  12. MRKane

    PS2 controller PCB files

    Hello all, So typically I've finished my PS2p and was left thinking "I wish the insides were cleaner" and then had a crazy idea that'd require me to make my own PCB for handling the controller to come up with a solution. Simple question: -Are there any PCB files for the PS2 controller freely...
  13. Honzapat

    Question Wii motherboard from scratch

    Hi for start lets say what i use i have soleering iron blablabla for moding and then from ebay i buy wii motherboard for 15 dollars so why not and i see how it can be trimmed diwn but is there any scheme if i desolder anything to make new pcb where it will be capable of wifi bluetooth and...
  14. DeoNaught

    Worklog Pcb for TI PTH08080WAH

    So basically an easy to use Pcb for the TI (Texas Instruments)PTH08080WAH regs. I will basically be designing this in Ki cad, I think i have all the right stuff for it... Okay, i cant find the specific values for the resistors but i found closest to what it needs, So my question is will these...
  15. Naimlessone

    PCB editing/creation programs

    Hey everyone. I just put together a little desktop for my workbench using a raspberry pi 3 and got to looking through some of the programs/software included with the raspian OS. I came across some pcb creation software (PCB Designer) and it peaked my interest. I know some of the more tech savvy...