Model BitBuilt Store switch breakout holders + Joycon Joystick holders

Dec 6, 2020
I'll start off by saying thanks to the ones that made the PCB from the store these will be great in portable projects.

This model I decided to make should help anyone using those style of PCBs, my cad skills are a bit limited so this was made in Tinkercad so I can only provide STLs. I know the PCBs have mounting holes but I don't have any screws that small so this holder was modeled to be similar to how the joycon joysticks are being mounted in most portables.

Required pieces:

4x M3 5mm screws for mounting the holder, 2 per side of portable
2x Switch DPad/ABXY button web, the silicone piece, the Joycons are universal so you can buy 2 of the same side all the webs are the same
1 set of switch button replacements this is great for clean buttons for those that can't resin cast
2x PCB for Dpad and ABXY

Notes about the model
  • The ABXY model has little tabs built in for limiting button spin, Prusaslicer I don't believe liked the size so those didn't print a couple buttons do have minimal spin.
  • The area around where the buttons drop in is 0.8mm thick toward the front of the portable (bottom of model) this allows for easy print and its approximately the thickness used for the Joycons.
  • The pcb holder is 2mm thick and the holes are 2.7mm in diameter so m3 screws just need to start and they will thread by themselves, this is the same for screw posts
  • The screw posts are approx. 4mm deep so the screws have room to hopefully not push through the front of a portable
  • The models aren't perfect but the prints I did work great and the PCB has just enough room to drop in, first model was set to the 27mm width and was friction fit.
  • If the PCBs are a tight fit clean up the edges and it will work better
If someone does improve on these, please post the models to the thread for future use.

v1.01 - Prusaslicer was seeing a random wall in the model of the DPad cleaned it up

Updated thread as I made some simple Joycon Joystick holders with retaining piece, uses the same screws as the PCB holders


PCB holders
Joycon Joystick


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