1. Jamehhhh

    Question PS2 Portable Help

    Hi All, I have decided I really want to have a go at creating my own Portable PS2. Unfortunately I do not have too much electronics experience, I only know the basics really. I also know this is a massive task for someone with my knowledge but I love a challenge! Now, the problem is I don't...
  2. Omar Elsayed

    Question Trimming a gamecube disc drive/ connecting a gamecube disc drive to a wii

    Hello, I'm new to making portables and would like to make a portable gamecube (Using a Wii motherboard). I plan to use the SD slot for the wii to load games, but i also want the satisfaction and option of inserting a real gamecube disc. Is it possible for me to connect a gamecube disc drive to a...
  3. Aaron Miller

    Question Would this N64 board work for a portable?

    I would like to do a N64 portable sometime once I get more experience. Until then, I have been looking around, and I was wondering about this board. It is listed as a refurb kit, which is why I wasn’t sure. If this one does work, is this a good price?
  4. GBAGuy007

    Question Wii dimensions?

    Hi, I'm going to try to design my case before my parts come in but I can't find the dimensions of a trimmed (or untrimmed for that matter) Wii motherboard. Please help.
  5. Fruity_Grebbles

    WTB 4-layer Wii mobo

    Title says it all. Except for this. And that, I suppose. And all of the previous, including this. Self-reference is confusing. Located in NJ.
  6. Remo kagerer

    Worklog Wii motherboard interface PCB / WII Portable (still unnamed)

    The Goal of this project is to create a custom PCB that holds all the neccesary comopnents, you need for a wii portable, as well as having a large cutout in the center to place a trimmed motherboard and have convenient solderpads in the right place to connect to the mobo via some hookup wires...
  7. Remo kagerer

    Discussion Wii custom motherboard PCB

    I started my Portable Wii project about a year ago and managed to do the OMGWTF-trim successfully, but I never finished the project. Now I was thinking of reviving the project and today on the bus, I got to think , if it could be possible to design a custom motherboard and transplant the...
  8. Plaidx

    Question Motherboard 3D CAD Model

    Just wondering if anyone has access to a 3D model of the N64 motherboard? I'm making a portable for a personal summer project and was hoping to use it to CAD the case.
  9. Please Help all Modders!!!

    Hi, I am completely new and would like to make a portable ps2 in the style of GmanModz (Youtuber) so I have a fixed plan. I intended to do this with my experienced uncle but unfortunately, he has passed away and I would like to dedicate this to him. I have a 3d printer for the shell but, I have...
  10. Question Motherboard battery issues

    So in the attempt to portabilitize a Wii I had purchased at an auction, I ended up in a situation where my Wii refuses to show an indicator light when power is applied to it. I tried replacing the big grey power brick, but that didn’t do it, and I think it is a problem with the motherboard...
  11. Question Plaing on building my first portable Wii

    Hello, I'm new on this community, first of all I'm sorry for my english, I'm from Spain, so im sure that I'll be doing a lot of mistakes. I'm planning on building my first portable Wii, I've seen that there are 2 tipes of mother boards, the ones with 6 layers and others with 4 layers. I've seen...
  12. Tech Flare

    Question Video Relocation help

    okay, so I've been following along with the wii trimming guide (except for the trimming part), but when I tried soldering the video wires straight to the wii motherboard there was no video output. The screen didn't even recieve a signal! Here are some pictures (above)