Please Help all Modders!!!

Apr 13, 2018

I am completely new and would like to make a portable ps2 in the style of GmanModz (Youtuber) so I have a fixed plan. I intended to do this with my experienced uncle but unfortunately, he has passed away and I would like to dedicate this to him. I have a 3d printer for the shell but, I have some requirements:

- A good power supply with a long lasting battery life
- A port for a second controller
- A Disc Drive along with a USB drive
- A 5" screen
- Video output (Composite)
- An integrated controller like GmanModz' videos

If there are any vital things I have missed, Please tell me. I have no idea how any of this works so please bear with me. Thank you


Jan 17, 2018
somewhere in california
Sorry to hear about your uncle.
about your portable, however, Ill tell you what i know.

for your power supply, check out the 18650 lithium ion battery cells and pth08080s in the BOM, they are what almost everyone uses for their portables here.

i would highly recommend you ditch the disc drive, and stick with free MCboot. it makes everything simpler, and is what most new portablizers do. free MCboot isnt hard to do, and is much more compact and easier than a disc drive.

I also recommend you don't use composite, because its not difficult at all to get higher resolution out. i.e. ps2toHDMI, component or interlaced VGA.

lastly, check out the ps2 trimming guide. even if you dont want to trim your PS2, it is still very helpful for pinouts, etc.

Good luck on your first portable!