1. Nold

    Model [Guide / Release] Noldendo Wii Miicro

    Hi folks, today i'm happy to finally present to you my Wii Micro aka "Miicro" Project! About this project The goal of this project was to use as less additional components as possible and make most of them 3d printable. Also it recycles a lot of the Wii's mainboard and used the stock...
  2. fibbef

    Hot Apple Pi

    After kicking this idea around in my head for about 3 years, I finally made the Hot Apple Pi a reality. Vitals: -3.5" screen with 320x240 ULD (ultra low density) resolution -Raspberry Pi 2 Model B v1.1 -2 18650 rechargeable battery cells of dubious capacity -50 or so games, most of them not...
  3. nobble

    Worklog MiiNii GiiCii: A theme within a meme.

    Hey BB! @Postman and I have been hard at work in the Mod Station cooking up new memes for all the goodbois! This one is a twist on a twist on hotdogs. :rothink: I found a Raspberry Pi case online that looks like a mini GC, someone then modified it for a SBC to emulate GC. The modified version...
  4. nobble

    Discussion Nobble's Adventures in 3D Printing (Creality OR Cfiction?)

    Hey BB! As some of you know from Discord, I jumped on the Creality Ender-3 bandwagon recently. Since purchasing my printer(s) I have done the following upgrades to one of them: Installed Anycube Ultrabase Glass bed (Don't buy this, it is a bit to small to fit the entire footprint of the bed...
  5. nobble

    Worklog NintenDoom64: AV&LED Modded/Custom Painted N64

    Time for some wax sessions and low-light dining. Here's a nightly mod that @Postman and I are working on. It's a Nintendo 64 with a custom splatter paint that I did from back in the Nobble64p era. We are adding a few LEDs to illuminate the badge, standard RCA ports, and HDMI(probably).
  6. DeoNaught

    Worklog The Kuēsā Computer {Bitbuilt Summer 2018 Contest Entry}

    Tbuddy’s Kuēsā Computer (Name still under development, so open to suggestions before it gets concrete) This is my Bitbuilt 2018 contest entrant. What it is: It is a SBC(Single Board Computer) I’ve decided to go with an Up board for the Brains of this operation(Thanks Dave <3), mostly...
  7. nobble

    Nobble's Pikaboy SP: Pokemon-themed RetroPie console in a GBA SP shell.

    I have been putting off my WiiP for a few days and felt bad about my laziness. After I had been laying in bed night after night, restless, knowing that my project was watching me from the corner of the room, I hid it away and thought about my life decisions. So I decided to go on a diet of...
  8. GingerOfOz

    Secret Santa Gifts!

    Received your secret santa gift and are ready to share with the world? Post it here! Feel free to open it upon arrival since some people have crazy Christmas schedules.
  9. Doom

    time4ghosts (bought to you by Bitbuilt LLC) Community Event

    Do you have an old project collecting dust? In pieces in your closet? Taking up space on your workbench. Why not finish it up in this years Ghosts of Portables Past Event, exclusively here on Bitbuilt all month long! The 4th Annual Ghosts of Portables Past Event is a community event structured...
  10. Davuld86

    Worklog The Smash-box Odyssey: Davuld86's First Wiip

    Hey all, long time lurker here. I've been on this site long enough to see a bunch of work logs, read almost every guide, and even post a few memes.:D After all of this, I now think I'm ready to start making my Wii portable and have a work log of the wild ride that is going to be my build...
  11. BocuD

    Worklog The Nintendo Swiitch - BocuD's first Wii portable

    Hey everyone, here i will be posting all of my shitty work on my duct taped together Wii Portable.
  12. Matthew

    Discussion N64 Noob Thread

    @Luke and I are getting really close to finishing up a guide for the N64 and I figured this would be a good way of making sure we covered all of our bases. This thread you can ask any question you want and we can either answer it or we will make sure it gets covered in our guide, if it isn't...
  13. Geliot0406

    The newest, the noobest, and the youngest. New member!

    So i have been silently spying on you guys for about 2 months now, but i decided to make an account and be an active user of the site!. Now, i know absolutely NOTHING about portabilizing, ironing, soldering n stuff, but my guess is that it is always best to have senpai's than bad tutorials, so I...