first project

  1. Yanis

    Question Question about Wii's GameCube Ports

    Hi, I have a small question, say you have a wire or a cable or something like this in your hand, if you want to add a switch or a board or whatever you want you'd just cut that wire or cable or whatever in half and solder both sides the switch or board or the whatever you want, how that would...
  2. Slaalschop

    Worklog First Portable Wii

    Hey all, recently my school schedule opened up nice so I'm going to try to make a portable wii to keep myself busy. I'm not super concerned about most of the details at the moment, right now I'm looking into making a functional trimmed motherboard to start. Once I get that working I'll move on...
  3. Gi0V1Z

    Looking for USB C PD PCB, RVL PMS and RVL LCD Direct Drive

    Hi, I’m am going to build my first Wii portable but I can’t find some parts: -USB C PD PCB -RVL Power Management System -RVL LCD Direct Drive Those parts are currently unavailable on the store, and I don’t know when there will be a restock If anybody have those, answer me
  4. Viktor

    Worklog My first Portable Wii

    Hello, I'v been doing some research lately and wanted to try a shot on my own. I ordered three japanese wiis and managed to region change two of them. The third one has system version 1.0 on it. That's why I'm not able to softmodd it :(. I still have 2 tries and 3 Hardware components of...
  5. moonDoctor

    Worklog JoyBird: a Switch Wavebird

    (TL: DR joycon guts+ Wired GameCube pcb + wavebird case) Foreword: I absolutely hate wires as i have a propensity to unplug them, thus I loved my wavebird. While i began with an Original Gameboy, i fell in love with the GameCube's hand friendly controller. But alas, Nintendo despite being super...
  6. TheGreenPowerRanger

    Worklog "First" Portable - The Nintendo Switchty Four (Name WIP)

    Hello guys and gals, I'm TheGreenPowerRanger though you can refer to me as green for convenience sake. Even though I have been following the portabilizing scene for 5 years I am just now getting the confidence to make a true, full blown attempt at a portable so go easy on me pls. I have had a...
  7. Paul3854

    Worklog Mini Mii

    Hi Bitbuilt, I've lurked around this website and asked a few questions, but now it's time for me to work on my project. Like the title, the Mini Mii (might change, hopefully it's not taken either) is going to be my Portable Wii project I'm working on. Now I might not have the skills or knowledge...
  8. Geliot0406

    [worklog] GalaxyBoy - My GameBoyZero Build

    After lurking around in a lot of pi projects forums, I found out about the GBZ, I didnt like it that much at first, But then I fell in love with it. The reason? I dunno, i just did. I decided to make my own build, but not an exact copy. So this will be my first experience with anything related...