1. mesho1986

    Question DC TRIM ?

    Hi, i have this DC model can it be trimmed ? thanks,
  2. Guide Fixing the Dreamcast controller cable

    Ever wanted the cable to run out of the front of the Dreamcast controller and not the back? Well your in luck! I recently discovered that you can run it through the back if you cut out part of the Dreamcast shell under the VMU slots. First you want to cut out the circle on the underside of the...
  3. mknrls

    Worklog GAMEAH - N64.Wii.DC [CONSOLE]

    GAMEAH is a balance between original hardware with upgrades and emulation, also a compilation of different guides, mods, hacks, and breakthroughs! It's not a porable but a mixture of mutiple consoles. Feature-Roadmap N64 - Maximum Trim ED64Plus [Clone] VGA: advancedRGBmod by borti4938 Wii...
  4. Nold

    Guide The Definitive DC Trimming Guide

    Introduction This guide and its graphics were created by me, to the best of my knowledge and certain. But without guarantee of correctness! (Even if everything has been tested by me)! So make sure that you know what you are doing, as I will not be responsible for any damage or harm you might do...
  5. Nold

    Guide Nold's Alternative Dreamcast Pinouts & Workarounds

    I took some time off and took a deeper look into the dreamcast. Here are the results! VGA- & Composite-Video, Audio & SD-Card wiring Nothing special here... The filters for R, G, B, composite (and luma/chroma) can even be removed. Got no problems with a long VGA-Cable. (H/V = Sync for VGA)...
  6. YveltalGriffin

    [WTB] Dreamcast Microphone

    I need one for a project, and also to be able play Seaman with my homies. B| They're on Fleabay occasionally, but mostly in auctions or they're expensive. If anyone has one they're willing to part with, please contact me.
  7. nightrider184

    Treamcast(Or any portable dreamcast system)

    Or any dreamcast portable, I guess. As long as it reads disks. Name your price, but keep it reasonable.
  8. Morgan_The_Adventurer

    Worklog DreamCast portable (WiFi)

    So a while back I decided to try building a portable DreamCast, but I wanted to do it differently from most portables. My idea's are to remove the disk drive and do the IDE mod with DreamShell so I can load games off an CF card. To make it feel more like a handheld game using cartridges, and a...
  9. fibbef

    Dreamcast ControlView

    This is the last of my old projects I'm going to post on BitBuilt. I'm resolving that anything going forward will be current projects. That way I'll actually be motivated to work on something new. Dreamcast ControlView is a DC controller with a 3.5" screen in place of the VMU window. It uses a...