Guide Fixing the Dreamcast controller cable

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    Ever wanted the cable to run out of the front of the Dreamcast controller and not the back? Well your in luck! I recently discovered that you can run it through the back if you cut out part of the Dreamcast shell under the VMU slots.
    First you want to cut out the circle on the underside of the controller, cut a square notch in the tab that keeps the cable from running under, and a hole for the cable to come out from upload_2019-2-17_20-44-47.jpeg
    You want to cut the hole large enough to be able to squeeze the 4 pin connector through upload_2019-2-17_20-45-54.jpeg
    After that you want to trim down the large piece of rubber at the end of the cable in side of the Dreamcast in order for it to fit upload_2019-2-17_20-47-3.jpeg
    The final step is to reassemble the Dreamcast controller

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