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    Jun 27, 2018
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    My first portable Wii is called the Wii-cycled.
    But before all that, I would like to thank you all for the experience and knowledge
    you have shared on this site without which I wouldn't have been able to create such a device.

    Now to the console


    It is not particularly special features wise:
    2x second hand 2200mah lion batteries (I am usually by power sockets
    and can buy some better/more batteries if I really want to)
    4.3" screen (composite) (5v modded)
    GameCube controller port
    Battery life: 30 mins - 50 mins
    built-in sensor bar

    However what I believe sets this portable apart is its price.

    I set out to create the cheapest portable Wii I could by either buying cheap parts from China and hoping they work as expected and recycling parts from old electronics. For the Wii I
    bought one with a faulty disc drive; for 3.3v 1.15v and 1v I used mini 360 dc-dc converters; for 5v I used a 5v 3A USB step down module; for the screen, I used a second hand 4.3" car
    TFT LCD from eBay. For power I just used the board you guys refer to as the red board it was the simplest option, however, this probably could have been done cheaper using separate charger and protection boards. I recycled the batteries from a dead laptop battery and recycled the USB and power ports from a tv box. I used a CJMCU-1308 Class AB audio amp, from
    Aliexpress(which later died :'(), for cooling I used a 12v heatsink fan combo thing I've screen used here by Nold and for the power adapter, I used one from the same device I got the power and USB jack. I 3d printed
    the case, in PLA.

    Here is a list of the parts I bought and there cost:

    5v step down £0.49
    (the mini 360 didn't like supplying 5v for my screen and USB for longer than 7 mins
    not sure if that was just a bad module but it was near the end of my build and it was
    just easier to get this)
    mini 360 * 3 £0.75
    CJMCU-1308 £0.73
    wii faulty disc drive £5
    40*40*12mm DC 12V fan and heatsink £0.98
    raspberry pi heatsink set £0.49
    TFT £9
    red battery board £4.74
    batteries recycled
    Sandisk 8gb USB (enough storage for me) (I got for free as a sample from a site online)

    All together the price came to £22.19, about $29 or 25 euro.
    I'm not including the 3d printed case as I'm not sure how much it cost me in filament but I can't see it being more than about £3. Even all the small things like wire and solder were
    either recycled or donated to me. I hope I've not left anything out. Thanks for having a look!
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    Constant Fear
    sin^2(x) + cos^2(x) +e^(i*pi)
    One of my favorite portables, hands down, I want more small just screen portables like this.
    Also, just a suggestion, you could make a mount for the screen, so you could hook it up on the gc controller.

    Anyways, great job on finishing, always a nice feeling :3
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  3. Twinsanity .

    Jun 27, 2018
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    Thanks, and a mount is a great idea I think I'm going to have to try making one when I have some free time.

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