[SOLD] Selling my completed Ashida.


Jul 29, 2023
So I started this project as a means to help me redirect my anxiety. It started with the focus I used to learn the whole process, download the files, read the forums, purchase, test and trial all my work. Now that this project is complete, I need to move on to another project (maybe a Louiis??) or something else to help me re-focus my mind onto better things. Therefore, even though I would love to keep this fun and showpiece of a machine, it is time for me to let it go to a home where it will be appreciated.

I'm looking to get rid of my completed Ashida. Specs below as below:

- PCBWay Translucent Resin Printed Shell (Resin UTR-8100 (translucent))
- RVL-PMS-2, RVL-AMP, PMS-PD 2, GC+ 2, Ashida PCB set, and 5" 16:9 800x480 IPS Screen + Driver Board from 4layertech (thanks guys for the hard work).
- Bluetooth Relocated.
- MX Chip Relocated.
- Vibrator (rumble) installed.
- Sandisk 64GB USB 3.0 drive installed (couldn't find a decent low profile sd card reader).
- RVLoader 1.6 (Thanks Aurelio... and I support his in Patreon, I also encourage you to do the same as his work has made the usability of the portable Wii amazing IMHO)
- Headphone jack works (tested)
- Samsung 4200 mAH batteries (x2)

Does not come with:
- Device will NOT come with any ROMS (I do not support piracy and my roms are not for sharing, sorry).
- USB-C charging cable or charger.
- No carry case, just the Ashida itself.

All problems and issues I had along the way can be found here (in reverse chronological... recent issues first):
- https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.p...controllers-and-current-draw.6132/#post-65376
- https://bitbuilt.net/forums/index.php?threads/trimmed-wii-board-not-booting.5871/#post-62477

Few issues persist at this time and you can decide if you are interested in dealing with them or not. (Photos attached as issue1/2/3)
1. Light bleed from the bottom of the screen due to the way the connecting LCD wiring is. This looks to be inherently part of the screen and I tried to address as best as I could.
2. Two mounting screw holes have issues. One hold is not deep enough and needed the use of a washer (made from thick copper wire), and one hole does not have enough material in it to secure the screw anymore.
3. The resin shell is not a 100% perfect fitment. The top side of the shell has a small gap about 1mm (or less).

I'm not sure what I want to get out for it other than at least a min to cover my costs and time invested. Read through the forums and I think asking for $900 CAD + shipping costs is reasonable. I've seen these get sold when asking for $900+ USD but honestly, I don't know what is being offered these days. I prefer messaging directly and am not sure how I'm going to manage payments just yet so if anyone has any advise, please do share.

I like to be transparent when it comes to these things so I will do what I can to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible but just be patient as I think things through as I don't want to screw anyone over nor be screwed over myself.

Need extra photos, message me and I will add them to this thread. I will only ship via insured courier service.


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